Q: My husband and I have been going back and forth on which home improvement projects to complete this spring before summer begins, but want to make sure we are getting a high return on investment. Which projects should we start with?

A: The first day of summer is June 21, 2017. While it’s still several weeks away, the season will be here before we know it and you’re bound to get caught up with vacations, family activities, and more.

If there are a few home improvement projects (big or small) that you’re looking to tackle, getting it done before summer will free up a lot of time and reduce stress. If you know your home needs a facelift, but you’re not sure what brings the best value, these are 5 of the top upgrades to tackle before summer:

Summer Project #1: Add Attic Insulation

The purpose of attic insulation is to insulate your home, keep your home more comfortable, and save on energy bills. Many New England homeowners associate attic insulation with battling against the area’s coldest temperatures, but just the opposite is true as well.

Attic insulation can make your warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. During the summer months your attic will heat up and you want to keep that hot air out of the air conditioned rooms of the rest of your home. You will need adequate insulation to ensure that you aren’t wasting precious energy and therefore your hard earned dollars.

Return on Investment: According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2017 Cost vs. Value Report, fiberglass attic insulation is one of the top-scoring home improvement projects. Upgrading your home with fiberglass attic insulation will yield 107% return.

Summer Project #2: Deck Addition

Who doesn’t think about barbeques and hanging out by the fire during the summer season? If you’re ready to have family gatherings at home this year, consider a deck addition.

There are a lot of options to choose from in terms of materials for this upgrade. The most popular choices are wood and composite material.

Return on Investment: Wood decks yield the highest return on investment for this category at 71%. However, a composite deck still offers an impressive 65% ROI.

Summer Project #3: Roofing Replacement

It’s no secret that spring and summer storms are a common occurrence here in New England. An outdated roof can cause a myriad of interior problems, rotting wood beams to interior wall and ceiling stains from leaks.

Although we’ve already experienced some rain in the area, roofing replacement can help conquer the season’s upcoming storms. Be sure to opt for roofing that includes high quality asphalt shingles. If the shingles can handle high winds up to 130mph like GAF shingles, all the better—this is especially the case if you’re right on the coast.

Return on Investment: Roofing replacement is yet another winner with 2017 Cost vs. Value Report. Roofing replacement yields roughly 70% ROI as a national average.

Summer Project #4: Universal Design Bathroom

If you’re looking to make your bathroom more accessible, summertime is the perfect opportunity to dive into this project. A universal design bathroom is perfect for aging in place and making a home a more comfortable place to live.

With a universal design bathroom, accessibility and convenience is key. You’ll want to include elements such as a walk-in shower or walk-in tub. Consider self-purging air jets to prevent mold and mildew, and add peace of mind with safety grab bars for extra stability and a 90 second drain.

Return on Investment: A universal design bathroom is one of the smartest home improvement projects to consider this summer. It offers a return on investment of 68% and allows your loved ones to live comfortably in their homes for a longer period of time.

Summer Project #5: Window Replacement

It comes as no surprise that new replacement windows have a great return on investment this year. This is especially the case when you choose high quality vinyl windows with top-of-the-line energy saving options such as argon or krypton gas.

Not only are these options important for ROI, but they are also highly effective at lowering your utility bills. Choosing run-of-the-mill windows from a big box store won’t compare to the energy efficiency ratings that a professional window contractor can offer. In addition, don’t forget that correct installation is of the highest priority. If you buy the most energy efficient window on the market, but install it incorrectly, you will lose all of the energy saving benefits.

Return on Investment: Your new vinyl replacement windows will yield a return on investment of 74%.

What Project is the Right Investment for You?

The good news is that any of the 5 of these projects are bound to improve the quality of your life. Exterior renovations such as window replacement will help lower your utility bills, and a new roof will protect your home from leaks and extensive water damage from summer storms.

If you’re looking to improve your home’s exterior or bath before summer in terms of value, aesthetics, and energy bill savings, reach out to us at Coastal Windows & Exteriors at questions@mycoastalwindows.com or by calling 978-304-0495. 

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