The seasons are changing here in New England, and it’s becoming clear that winter is right around the corner. While you’re tending to tasks like yardwork and landscaping, it’s smart to start thinking about the big picture of fall home maintenance—the exterior of your home and saving energy.

Even though the weather is turning crisp and the days are getting shorter, fall is an awesome time to upgrade your old windows with replacement windows. Here are the reasons why:

#1: It’s the Perfect Temperature for a New Window Install

While winter window installation is a little trickier, it’s ideal to replace windows when the weather is at a comfortable temperature. The tail end of summer and early days of autumn present ample opportunity for window replacement in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. This cuts down on the amount of cold drafts that can sneak into your home during the install, which can tempt you to turn on the heat.

Furthermore, window caulking adheres quicker in warmer temperatures than in the cold. Silicone caulking can typically be applied in colder temperatures, but latex caulking works best when it’s applied between 40-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

#2: You’ll Prevent Energy Loss

When you choose to make home improvements during the winter, homeowners can expect to lose some heat during installation—no matter how prepared your professional installers may be. While your installation team will work as quickly as possible to minimize energy loss, the reality is that some heat is bound to escape.

When you make home improvement upgrades in the autumn, temperatures are often mild enough to where you don’t need to run your HVAC system at all. This makes it virtually impossible to lose energy while your new exterior products are being installed.

#3: Get a Head Start on Saving Energy

As a New England resident, you’re well aware of how quickly the weather can change. Many homeowners put off home improvement upgrades until the weather turns cold. A lot of homeowners only associate new windows with cold temperatures, which leads to feeling uncomfortable in your own home when the weather turns chilly.

It’s also important to remember that new window installation isn’t a grab-and-go solution. It can take several weeks to manufacture your custom windows, so it’s best to not wait until you’re getting frost on your window panes.

When you install new energy efficient replacement windows, you can begin experiencing energy savings almost immediately. Not only will your home feel warmer this fall and winter, but you’ll also have more money in your bank account.

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