All about ice dams

If you have ever suffered through an ice dam, it’s a pretty horrific situation. It usually occurs in the dead of winter as snow piles up on your lawn and your roof – and temperatures plummet to unbearably freezing temperatures. The likely result of an ice dam on your roof is water trickling down your walls, across your ceiling, and in through your light fixtures.

Does your home get 5’ long icicles hanging off of the side of your house in the winter? Or a large snow glare that is 5” thick? Yep, those are sure signs of ice dams.

We are bracing ourselves for another cold and snowy winter – and we want to make sure our homeowners are prepared! 

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Have you forgotten why you should care about ice dams? Need a refresher? Check out this news story on NECN last winter when ice dams were at their worst!