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Black Frame Replacement Windows: The Trendsetting Exterior Upgrade in New England

If you’re a homeowner looking to add sleek and modern appeal to your exterior, look no further than black frame replacement windows. This cutting-edge upgrade is becoming one of the top trends for stylish New England homeowners! Also, black windows with white exterior siding [1] looks amazing! Want to be on the hottest trends and add black windows to your home- check this blog out!

black frame replacement windows

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Black frame vinyl windows give the same benefits as other vinyl window colors [2]. The difference is that their color palette brings an unexpected upgrade to your space. Ironically, black windows are not a new concept but they feel exceptionally fresh.

White or Black Frame Vinyl Windows?

When stacked against white, you might wonder how to make a decision on choosing white or black [3] frame replacement windows. These are a few considerations to keep in mind.

White Vinyl Windows

Black Vinyl Windows

key features of black vinyl windows

The differences between white and black windows are purely aesthetic. You can expect the same incredible performance benefits whether you choose black or white! 

black window frames

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Want Black Windows? Carefully Consider Your Interior & Some Design Tips

If your plan is to upgrade with black windows, you also need to consider the interior of your home. The frame is black on the outside of your home as well as the inside!

room with black vinyl windows

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In terms of the interior of your home, black vinyl window frames can:

bathroom with black windows

Thinking of Painting Windows Black?

You might have existing wood windows and you’re thinking of painting windows black. While this sounds like a fast and sensible upgrade, it’s not the smartest way to go to get a home with black windows.

Why You Shouldn’t Paint Your Windows Black

Painting window trim black requires maintenance over the years. Wood windows are notorious for their maintenance drawbacks, and the black paint will eventually wear away over time. This is especially true for the exterior portion of the window.

Generally, painting your windows is never a good approach. Not only does it require upkeep, but it can also void your window warranty entirely! Why paint your windows black when you can have quickly black vinyl windows that come with a factory finish warranty installed, engineered to keep your home energy efficient and comfortable?

Painting wood windows leads to:

Other Vinyl Window Colors to Explore

It’s not just black and white in the world of vinyl replacement windows. We love all the colors here at Coastal Windows & Exteriors!

We have plenty of additional colors to choose from in our color palette:

color palette for windows

Click here to learn about our window color and grid options [2].

Are Black Framed Windows More Expensive?

Great news! Black framed windows are not any more expensive than white vinyl windows. It’s just a different color option to showcase a new stylish curb appeal.

If you’re interested in the exact cost of black windows, the best approach is to contact us for a quote.

Not only will this give you an idea of the cost of black windows, but it also offers a way to explore financing options [6]. In fact, 85% of homeowners ultimately choose some form of financing to upgrade their exterior.

We’re also happy to offer our promotional offers for black frame replacement windows [7].

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