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Ice Dam Warning Signs


Pre-Winter Warning Signs:

Before winter begins, keep an eye out in your home for these early ice dam warning signs.

  • Mold
  • Moisture
  • Irregularities in your attic:
    • The temperature inside your attic is not the same as the temperature outside
    • Condensation on items and/or signs of water where it shouldn’t be
    • If your roof is flat or slightly pitched, bent, bowed, or cracked rafters
    • Rafters spaced more widely apart than they should be
    • Hearing popping sounds
    • Fire, termite, rot, or moisture damage?
  • Unreasonably high energy bills
  • Drafts around:
    • Your chimney
    • Recessed lighting receptacles
    • Bathroom fans

Winter Warning Signs:

If it’s cold outside and it’s been snowing, these are indications that ice dams may build up – or already be building up – on your home.

  • Large icicles hanging off the side of your home
  • Large snow glares at least 5″ thick

See any of these signs? Want to learn how to ensure your roof will be safe from ice dams? Let one of our Winter Ready Home Experts help!

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