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About This Project

The Clays have been in the same house for 60 years, a house they have built themselves, and they are determined to stay in it. They ran into a problem that was only getting worse with age, and it was that the bath itself was becoming an unsafe task for them. As the problems that often come with the elderly, moving around became more difficult, and the possibility of falling trying to get in and out of a standard tub was more real every day. Determined to avoid a dreadful nursing home, they turned to Coastal Windows & Exteriors to see what we could do for them. After examining their bathroom and surroundings, Coastal determined a walk-in tub would be the best solution. It would allow the Clays to get in and out of the tub safely without any obstacles to present a problem. They love their new walk-in bathtub, and they feel safer and more secure because of it.



Client Testimonial

“We’re both 91. We built this house 60 years ago, around 26 years of age, and we still haven’t finished it! We finally reached a point where we realized that we had to make some accommodations for getting in and out of a bathtub. And we knew it would be a problem as we grew older. We finally contacted Coastal, and they came by and looked at our problem and recommended a walk-in shower. And it would be good because you could roll in if you had to be in the wheelchair! And low and behold, we have this nice walk-in shower now, and I think it was a smart move. We’re very happy with it because we feel safe now, and I don’t have to worry about whether or not we’ll have to go into a nursing home. We can stay in our own house. Working with the Coastal team was a pleasant experience. They stayed right on the job and ended it in a one day operation. We would recommend them to any person looking for a change in their bathroom. We would recommend them to any elderly starting to worry about getting in and about their bathtub, as well.”
Earl and Elisabeth Clay