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Protect What Matters Most with Fall Roof Installation: Waterproof Your Roof This Autumn with Leak Barrier Protection

This is the second post of a five-part series on roofing systems, where we explore the fundamentals of roof replacement. We’re helping homeowners learn about the roof installation process and all roof products involved.

leak barrier protection

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What is leak barrier protection?

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It has several purposes during the roof installation process. First, it’s just as it sounds—it guards against leaks from entering into your attic which reduces the risk of cost;y repairs due to interior walls and ceiling staining from leaks.  It helps keep water and ice out of the most vulnerable areas of your roof which can be prone to ice dams in the eaves, rakes, valleys, around chimneys, skylights, and more

Furthermore, its protection can prevent wind-driven rain and ice dams during the autumn. This is especially important when temperatures dip below freezing, which can start happening as soon as mid-October.

Without leak barrier protection, you might experience the following ailments with your roof:

It functions as a waterproof system to keep your home dry and free of leaks or ice dams. It’s an important aspect of your fall home maintenance as well as overall roof performance.

Fall roof installation process with leak barrier protection

lifetime roofing system

It’s autumn and you decided you’re ready for new roof installation. When the leak barrier protection is being installed, the roof deck is cleaned from debris. It is then cut into sections and aligned with the edge of the eave. When the product is applied to the roof, it is often self-adhesive and activated by heat. Other ways to attach the leak barrier protection is with nails and roofing fasteners.

For climates such as New England where we experience mild to cold autumns and extreme winters, leak barrier protection can be installed under the drip edge and over the fascia. It protects against ice damming problems during the winter.

In areas that are susceptible to leaks, such as around the chimney, the leak barrier protection is placed on the roof and the flashing goes on top of it.

What is the best type of leak barrier protection?

best type of leak barrier protection

Coastal Windows & Exteriors uses premium leak barrier protection from GAF roofing. Earning the Good House Keeping Seal is an incredibly important element to include during the roof installation process and keep your home free from leaks.

Our GAF leak barrier protection enhances roof installation in the following ways:

Overall, GAF’s product provides a second incredible waterproofing layer for your new roof installation.

Creating a Cozy Home School Setup with Leak Barrier Protection

home school setup

How does leak barrier protection make a difference for your home school setup? It guards against water damage that can turn into larger issues over time, including mold and mildew growth.

With it, you’ll have peace of mind this autumn that you have the ideal home school setup. Ice dams, cold weather, and leaky roofs can cause stress for everyone in the home, including kids!

With leak barrier protection, you’ll enjoy this reliable defense against these stress-inducing issues. Your kids can feel comfortable while learning at home, safe from the COVID-19 pandemic [3] and weather-related issues that plague your roof. Bottom line:  Protect what matters most with peace of mind as our GAF Leak Barrier provides exceptional protection against leaks caused by roof settling and our New England extreme weather.

GAF Certified Roofing Contractors

As a GAF Certified Roofing contractor, we are trained to use leak barrier protection as a second layer against leaks. Not all roofing contractors in Massachusetts take this critical step!

Don’t take a gamble on poor roofing installation practices or inexperienced contractors. Coastal Windows & Exteriors are GAF Certified Roofing Contractors. Only a very small percentage of contractors earn this certification, showcasing that we are the best in the business. We are also one of the top 100 replacement window companies in the nation, ranked on Remodeling’s Top 550!

In the upcoming roofing system series posts, we’ll be covering other aspects of roof replacement including:

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