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Top Home Improvement Ideas To Give Your Home Some TLC This Summer

Sure, summer is time for the beach, cookouts, pool/beach time, and relaxation. But do you know what else summer is perfect for?

Drum roll . . . home improvements!

summer home improvement tips

With the nice weather, it is easy to get these updates done before the cooler weather arrives and you can reap the benefits all year long.

Summer is here and that means we’ve entered a new season to focus on home maintenance and improvements. Summers can be hot and muggy here in New England, but there are several improvements and fixes you can focus on to make your home as cool and energy efficient as possible.

The summer home maintenance tips will get you through the season while helping keep your energy costs in control. Taking care of the projects now could save you from expensive and stressful fixes in the future.

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#1: Check For Window Energy Loss

While opening your windows during the summer, you may have noticed they’re a little worse for wear as well as old windows can cause drafts, while installing new ones can cut your home energy costs in summer. Plus, new windows can be an easy way to transform the look of your home, especially when combined with other home projects. 

This list of summer home maintenance tips will help you save energy and the #1 culprit is Air Leakage [2] which accounts for the largest heat loss/gain in your home.  That’s why we are starting with your windows.

Did you know that windows account for 10% of your home energy bills?

air leakage by component

Outdated windows are a primary source for energy loss in the summer especially when running your ACs non-stop and if you are wondering why my house is still warm and has high energy bills read on…

Feel around your windows for hot air that is coming through areas such as the frames or the sash. While homeowners worry about air infiltration [2] problems in the winter, it can be a problem during the summer as well.  Reducing air leakage [3] is one of the top ways to keep your home energy efficient! 

Professional window installation creates an airtight seal against energy loss. This happens when they are measured properly down to the 8th of an inch during a professional critical measurement.

Besides Air Leakage, reduce your heat gain during the A/C season by selecting a window with:

Low E which keeps UV rays reflecting back outside while keeping the energy inside.

Help keep the warm air where it belongs..outside your home.

keep the heat out

#2: Investigate The Cause Of Foggy Windows

However, if the foggy windows seem like they never clear up, this signals a potential problem. Fog on your windows that won’t wipe away is a sign of seal failure. It means that the windows [4] are not performing properly, literally lost their seal that keeps your windows from doing their job- keeping your home cool in the summer and lowering your energy bills.

foggy windows

Now that the seal is broken, however, the problem will persist, as its enhanced insulating factor is now gone [5]. First, check to see if your windows come with a lifetime warranty as ours does. If you have permanently foggy windows or if your windows are old- it’s time for new window replacement [4].

#3: Reverse Ceiling Fans

Reversing your ceiling fans into a counterclockwise spinning motion will push air down from the ceiling and make it feel cooler in the room.

reverse ceiling fan

It’s easy to adjust the rotation of your ceiling fan. Simply turn the fan off, waiting for it to stop and flip the switch on the side of the fan. From there, make sure that your fan is spinning in a counterclockwise direction.

Ceiling fans provide energy-efficient cooling and are a great alternative to AC units. Even if your home has central air, installing a ceiling fan can be a great solution for those extreme hot heat wave days!

#4: Finetune Your AC Unit

Next, consider getting your HVAC unit inspected by a professional. Air conditioning maintenance along with changing the filter to make sure that the AC is working in proper order. It will also help conserve energy and ensure you have air conditioning all summer long. Meanwhile, a clean air conditioning unit can also prevent summer fires.

ac unit inspection

If you’re looking for summer home improvements to save you money, consider installing a programmable thermostat. It’s easy and efficient, allowing you to customize temperature profiles as you see fit. According to Energy Star, you can save an average of $180 in heating and cooling costs by installing programmable thermostats.

Smart thermostats, such as those by Nest, operate via wifi and are controlled by your smartphone. You can adjust the temperature of your home while you’re away to save even more in energy costs. They are proven to save up to 12% on heating costs and 15% on cooling costs.

For more information on smart thermostats, check out the blog from our partner Homeworks Energy: Is a smart thermostat really worth it? [6] 

PS: Our partner offers no-cost energy audits to determine the efficiency of your home! Click here to learn more [7]. 

Draining your water heater is one of the simplest home maintenance tasks out there and yields impressive results simply by draining the water heater to clear the sediment to get more hot water flowing through your pipes.

#5: Overhaul Your Entry Door

A new entry door [8] makes a big difference in curb appeal and home performance. Many homes have old wood doors from eras gone by, but replacing them with quality fiberglass eliminates maintenance while increasing curb appeal.

entry door installation

When you are inspecting your current entry door, look for signs of damage and performance problems such as:

Bonus summer home maintenance tip: Choose a storm door that offers additional benefits aside from front door protection. Storm doors can allow incredible amounts of natural light into your space, especially when you choose one design with full screen/glass.  Best of all, you can customize your new storm door to match your entry door!

#6: Check Your Roof And Ceiling For Leaks

During summer rainstorms, you can quickly become aware of roof leaks when they are heavy and prominent.  Other times, a roof leak can happen right under your nose. You might not notice the issue until there is significant water damage to your house.

leak in the ceiling

Now is the time to look around for signs of a leaky roof before it’s too late. You might notice signs such as condensation on the rafter beams in your attic.

In worst cases, you might find mold or mildew there, too. Meanwhile, look around for yellow or brown stains on the ceiling and walls. You may also find stains near windows, which can also be leaking from summer storms.

If you discover leaks in your roof, consider:

#7: Get Your Gutters In Order

Proper ventilation to help reduce attic moisture and heat and create proper airflow for your home.

cleaning out the gutters

Speaking of summer storms, it’s very important that your gutters are functioning properly this season. If your gutters cannot handle rainfall in any amount, this will pose problems for the interior and exterior of your home.

Make sure your gutters are completely unclogged from any debris. If you did not clean out your gutters during the spring season, make sure you tackle this project pronto. A clogged gutter can do damage ranging from ruining your landscaping to causing the basement flood.

The best course of action is to install gutter protection, keeping debris at bay while avoiding costly consequences of clogged gutters.

#8: Revive Your Exterior Siding

The last summer season maintenance task to tackle involves your exterior siding.

The siding of your home should be a peak performance condition every season of the year. You want to look out for signs such as peeling, chips, or damaged siding.

Wood rot will need to be replaced immediately. You can opt for vinyl siding that looks like wood [10] to create your dream home this summer season, all while skipping maintenance and expensive repairs to wood siding.

Don’t forget that insulated siding is also energy efficient. Vinyl siding [11] with an insulated backing can help prevent heat from penetrating inside the walls during the summer. This results in a cool and comfortable home to enjoy even during the hottest days.

In terms of termites, vinyl siding is the best option for getting rid of this creepy critter. Our vinyl siding is treated to repel insects, keeping your siding beautiful and free from holes made by bugs. Wood-boring insects aren’t interested in a vinyl exterior!

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Recap: Summing up Our Top Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Here are our top 8 summer home maintenance tips that can help save money & keep your home safe and cool.

  1. Check Your Windows For Energy Loss
  2. Investigate The Cause Of Foggy Windows
  3. Reverse Ceiling Fans
  4. Finetune Your AC Unit
  5. Overhaul Your Entry Door
  6. Check Your Roof For Ceiling Leaks
  7. Get Your Gutters In Order
  8. Revive Your Exterior Siding

It’s not too late to get started on summer projects like window replacement [4], roofing installation [9], best vinyl siding [12] & entry door installation [8]. 

Summer is the best time for home improvements:

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https://www.energy.gov/energysaver/weatherize/air-sealing-your-home [3]