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Top Home Improvement Ideas To Give Your Home Some TLC This Summer

Sure, summer is time for the beach, cookouts, pool/beach time, and relaxation. But do you know what else summer is perfect for? Drum roll ... Read More »
home exterior maintenance

9 End-of-Summer Home Maintenance Tips for Tip-Top Performance

With kids going back to school and a hint of autumn in the air, the end of summer is here. Luckily we still have some ... Read More »
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Savvy Summer Home Renovations to Increase Your Home’s Value

Warm weather inspires homeowners to remodel their homes during the summer months. When homeowners ask us where to begin with their summer home remodeling, I ... Read More »
contractors minimize heat illness

Keep Cool While Working on Summer Curb Appeal: Tips to Minimize Heat Related Illnesses

While we all love summer, for contractors and others who work outside, the summer heat, humidity and unfavorable working conditions can be hard to beat ... Read More »
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Is Your Home Ready for the Summer Sun?

Imagine yourself out at the beach without sunscreen. You'll start to look like a lobster pretty quickly, won’t you? Aside from your skin turning red ... Read More »
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5 Summer Patio Ideas to Enjoy All Season

If you're anything like me, you're enjoying the warmer weather, working on your outdoor oasis and eating al fresco. There are so many inspiring summer ... Read More »