Q: I stepped out in the sunlight and noticed that my entry door isn’t looking up to par. Its once polished and vibrant color has faded away, and it’s really dragging down my curb appeal. Why do front doors fade from the sunlight?

 A: While we all enjoy the beautiful sunshine, it’s true that the sun’s rays can take the vibrancy out of front door colors. Here is why your door isn’t looking so hot after the summer season, along with tips on how to keep your entry door looking bold and beautiful:

 The Culprit of Fading Front Door Colors: Ultraviolet Rays

According to The Library of Congress, ultraviolet rays are the culprit behind fading colors on your entry door. The chemical makeup of an object (your door) is broken down under these rays, which leaves the material vulnerable to sun damage. Eventually, you’ll notice this damage as your exterior door is constantly exposed to the elements here in New England. The constant cycle of your entry door being battered by rain and snow and then dried out and baked under the sun will ultimately change your door at a chemical level.  

 The term for color fading from ultraviolet rays is known as photo degradation, which is the chemical breakdown of an object exposed to light. Fading is such a gradual process that you may not even notice the change until you try to touch up the color of your door—which is when you’ll find a dramatic difference in hue. This is often referred to as fading or bleaching of the entry door.

 Sun Damage from Chalking

However, fading or bleaching isn’t the only way that your door is damaged from the sun. Another issue you’ll find is known as chalking—this looks a lot like fading, but it’s deeper on a chemical level. Chalking leaves behind a coat of white dust on the surface.

 Blistering and Peeling

Two other ways that the sun damages your door is through blistering and peeling. Blistering is a sign that paint is peeling away from an older coat of paint from below.

 Eventually, blistering and bubbling paint will turn into peeling. This peeling allows the elements to access the exterior surface of your door which can further compromise the material that the door is made of.

 Front Door Colors Most Susceptible to Fading

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, darker colors absorb 70% to 90% more ultraviolet rays and heat than light-colored exterior elements. Homeowners with front door colors such as black or navy will notice a greater amount of fading than those with white or tan doors.

 How do You Prevent Your Front Door from Fading?

Choose an entry door with a material that can handle exposure from the sun. For example, fiberglass is a material that can withstand the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Fiberglass is specifically designed with reinforced skin that protects it from cosmetic blemishes such as peeling, blistering, cracking, and fading.

 Unfortunately, wood doors are amongst the least resistant to fading from the sun’s rays. You’ll need to consistently sand, stain, and paint these doors to keep them looking new. Luckily, fiberglass doors are now engineered with a realistic wood grain design so that customers can have the best of both worlds – the appearance of wood with long lasting fade protection.

 Need a bit of color inspiration? Turn to the exterior paint palette from Sherwin Williams. Coastal Windows & Exteriors offers entry doors which can be customized in any Sherwin Williams paint color, transforming your entry door into the star of the show.  Want the best news? These doors not only come with a long lasting warranty against fading (as well as blistering, peeling, cracking and warping), but they are also Energy Star rated and are extremely energy efficient. Hello lower energy bills!

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