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The 3 Dangers of Leaky and Outdated Roofs

A leaky and outdated roof is more than just a minor inconvenience. Whether we’re dealing with summer downpours or winter snowstorms, ominous dangers lurk just around the corner with old roofs.

Before you decide to forego roof replacement [1] for another year (or more), consider the following:

Danger #1: Blown-off Shingles

Over time shingles can lose their adhesive or nails can rust as they age, allowing your shingles to come loose and even blow away in the wind. Not only is it unsightly for your curb appeal, but it also poses problems inside your attic and beyond.

When shingles blow away it can allow water to enter into your home. This can result in water collecting on rafter beams and eventually rotting out the wood. It can also cause mold and mildew to grow.

How do you ensure that your shingles won’t blow away in the wind? First, choose shingles that are rated to withstand high winds especially around coastal regions. These shingles are able to withstand high wind speed because they contain more adhesive than standard shingles. You’ll see from this graph that our coastal region experiences some of the highest forces of wind in the country.

leaky outdated roofs

Next, make sure that you hire a professional roofing contractor [2] to take care of the installation. We offered roof installation in MA and throughout New England that stays intact in strong winds with no maximum wind speed limitation! [3] Keep in mind that many roofing contractors in MA only provide shingles that can withstand winds of up to 60 MPH. This certainly isn’t enough for roofing in our region!

Now that you know the dangers of your roof shingles blowing away, now let’s talk about the next issue that comes along with old roofs:

Danger #2: High Energy Bills

It’s summertime and we’ve had some hot and muggy weather. If you have an old roof without ventilation, you might have already received your first high energy bills for the summer.

Ventilation is necessary to help cooling costs during the summer and it even helps keep your home warm during the winter. The video below provides more information on why you need to worry about a ventilated attic.

Lack of ventilation causes the temperature of the roofing shingles to skyrocket during the summer. The heat transfers into your attic and can quickly cause your home to become too hot, resulting in high energy bills. During all times of the year, your attic should remain close to the outdoor temperature.

Furthermore, dry and moist air will rise during the summer into your attic space. When this turns into condensation, it can settle on the insulation and reduce its R-Value. This leads to an inefficient and overheated home during the summer.

Danger #3: Water Damage

Water damage is perhaps the most insidious problem that arises with old and leaky roofing. Rain and even snow make their way into your home through loose shingles and holes in the roof. When you’re dealing with water damage, you’ll find signs including:

If you detect water damage it’s time to contact a professional roofing contractor in MA. Water damage can lead to many structural issues including the decaying of wood. We’ve seen instances where the ceiling started caving in from water damage. See the photo below!

decaying roof

Outdated Roofs Can Destroy Your Home

It’s a hard lesson to learn when leaky and outdated roofing wreaks havoc on your home. Our roof replacement is the most efficient and protective in the industry, including a water barrier system that keeps your home dry.

From our premium lifetime shingles to the durable roof deck, your new roof is right within reach. We are factory-certified Master Elite roofing contractors, fully licensed to work in all New England states!  Contact us today for a free estimate.  [4]