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The No-Contact 7 Step Process

no contact process

We implemented the following guidelines to ensure your safety when working with Coastal Windows & Exteriors. We have been designated as “Essential” because your home is important. Your safety is even more important! Click here [1] or call 978-817-7072 to schedule your no-obligation, virtual appointment today. Here is our process for serving you while making your safety our top priority:


personal assesment

STEP #1 Personal Assessment: Look for signs on your ROOF (missing/curled shingles, leaky chimneys, damaged flashing, algae/moss, damaged gutters, condensation/warm in attic); SIDING (peeling paint, rot, warp/cracked, mold/mildew); DOOR (rot at bottom, can’t close/lock, warped) & WINDOWS (drafty, mold/mildew, “foggy”/seal failure, can’t open/lock). All related to high energy bills. Some damage is not visible from a ground inspection so if you need an inspection contact us for a FREE inspection.


safe contractor

STEP #2 COVID-19 Safe Contractor: We follow the “Essential Business Guidelines” to keep your family safe as all crews wear masks and gloves. We also perform an assessment that gives you full inspection & estimate with photos and 3D model.


no touch inspection

STEP #3 “No Touch” Inspection: We perform the entire inspection without any contact. We use 3D technology to take accurate measurements of your roof, siding, windows and doors. This keeps you and your loved ones safe. You will be shared this 3D model to discuss it with a representative from the comfort and safety of your own home.


no contact appointment


STEP #4 NO Contact Appointment: We meet you online and/or by phone but also to come to your home and assess any warning signs and needs with social distancing measures. We go over the 3D model that you can edit the design, color choices on all products. Then we will share our inspection and estimate with you so you can make an educated decision on your next steps. A virtual screen share to this “project visualizer” is also available.


digital contract


STEP #5 Contract: We will create a contract and can also send it to you digitally to sign. We will then let you know the next steps to getting your product ordered and installed.




financing special

STEP #6 Financing: Upon contract agreement, we will help secure funding such as 0% APR Interest, $0 Money Down with 0 Payments until 2022 and walk you step-by-step through the funding process.



no contact install process

STEP #7 Install: We will fully explain our “No Contact” install process with you prior to work commencing. We will make sure during the work process that we not only follow the COVID-19 Safe Guidelines, but are able to keep you up to date on the progress of your project via technology and phone follow-up through to completion and satisfaction.


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