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The Ultimate Fall Maintenance Checklist for New England Homeowners

Q: As the temperatures start to drop, I’m reminded that there are things I should be doing to get my home ready for fall and the colder temperatures. Do you have any tips?

A: Even though we’re still enjoying the last days of summer, September is here and the first day of fall is only weeks away. This fall home maintenance checklist will help get your home in tip-top shape for the autumn season.

The Ultimate Fall Maintenance Checklist for New England Homeowners

1. Get a head start on yard and home maintenance. Once the first leaves begin to fall, rake them up and get them off your lawn. This makes it much easier to keep your lawn clear through the fall.

2. Another option is to mulch your leaves with a mower, which helps keep your soil healthy. This is one of the best fall home maintenance tips to take care of your lawn.

3. When you’re ready to pack up lawn equipment for the winter, stow your mower.

4. Drain your mower of gasoline to prevent sediment buildup.

fall maintenance for your home

5. Check that your gutter system is in working order. If you discover clogs, remove them before they wreak havoc on your foundation.

6. Get your furnace serviced by a professional HVAC company.

7. Inspect your roof [1] for loose or missing shingles.

8. Check your windows and doors for drafts. You can use an incense stick to detect drafts by watching for movement in the smoke.

9. House fires are more frequent in the fall and winter. Be sure to replace your smoke detector battery.

10. Consider investing in a programmable thermostat [2]. This can help you save money while saving energy at the same time.

11. Give your home’s exterior a once-over. Check for any cracks in your foundation or rotting wood siding panels. Contact an expert for repair or replacement, if necessary.

12. Check your chimney for soot buildup. Have it swept if there is 1/8 inch or more of soot.

13. If you use your fireplace for heating purposes, get a head start on chopping or ordering firewood.

14. Store dry firewood at least 15 feet away from your home. This will help reduce the risk of termite infestation.

pile of fall leaves

15. Seal any gaps where critters can crawl into your home. Keep in mind that mice only need a tiny entryway to make your house their home.

You can easily fill gaps with heavy-duty hardware cloth to keep mice, squirrels, and other wildlife outdoors.

16. Check for tripping hazards outside of your home. New England winters are icy, and there are plenty of opportunities to trip on sidewalks and driveways.

17. Consider investing in energy efficient exterior products to help save more energy this winter. Homeowners can save significantly on utility bills by upgrading to Energy Star certified windows [3] and other home exterior products.

We hope you found these fall home maintenance tips helpful. Use these tips to continue saving energy all year long. Contact Stephanie Vanderbilt at svanderbilt@mycoastalwindows.com [4] for additional excellent home maintenance tips ideas.

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