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Why is Vinyl Siding the Best Exterior in New England?

Q: I’m searching for new siding and I am finding a lot of material options. Vinyl siding in MA and New England feels like a popular choice, but is it really the best?

A: You’re correct when you say that vinyl siding is a popular exterior option. There are several reasons why this is the top choice for exterior materials not only in New England but the entire country.

vinyl siding for your home

Quality, Durable Material

Whether you live along the New England coast or you’re in an old farmhouse in the countryside, you need an exterior that withstands the elements and lasts for life.

Vinyl siding meets many checkboxes in terms of quality and durability, such as:

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Maintenance Free

One of the most attractive benefits of vinyl siding is low maintenance. While wood is a common exterior choice in New England especially with older homes, it comes with a lot of upkeep. Wood siding is prone to peeling, flaking, and rotting.

Vinyl siding replacement [3] is the smart alternative to wood panels as repainting costs over a 30 year period is over $16,000.Save that expense with our vinyl siding…for a lifetime!

Mold and Mildew Resistant

Did you know that the average New England home will perspire 4-7 gallons of water per day? This can easily result in mold and mildew growth. However, vinyl siding is mold and mildew resistant which keeps your home healthy and beautiful.


Keep the heat where it belongs…inside your home!  Quality vinyl siding replacement can increase a home’s thermal efficiency by not allowing heat to escape from your home.

Energy-Efficiency In Standout Styles…Powerful Curb Appeal

Lastly, vinyl siding creates quite the transformation for your curb appeal. You can design your own siding from scratch with our range of aesthetic options and upgrades, complementing homes from any era here in New England.

Vinyl Siding in MA: The Essential Exterior Upgrade

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