One thing to love about New England is the charm of our region. From cozy towns to quaint homes, there is character and beauty at every turn! While many of us love a charming exterior, it’s not necessarily wise to stick to materials of eras gone by. These are 3 exterior remodeling trends in New England so you can have the charm and energy savings.

1. Weathered Wood Siding

Oh, the lovely look of weathered wood! Many New England homeowners love this style of house siding, but it’s not the best for protecting your exterior or keeping your siding maintenance free.

  • Traditional weathered wood siding is simply old wood exterior that received minimal (if any) maintenance. Some of it can be centuries old! This can provide a quaint and cozy look to your curb appeal, but not without consequences.
  • Old wood siding won’t protect your home from the elements. The wood structure is weakened and can easily crack or even break away from your home. This exposes the exterior to the elements and results in moisture damage.
  • Vinyl siding protects your home from the freeze and thaw cycle during the winter. Since it’s flexible, it can expand and contract as necessary without breaking as long as it’s correctly installed.
  • The best approach is to replace weathered wood siding with quality vinyl that looks like the real thing. Yes, we can manufacture vinyl siding that looks like it came straight from the 1700 or 1800s and cut by hand. This gives you a rugged cedar shake style home that is sure to shake up any curb appeal.

remodeling trends in New England

Vinyl siding replacement in MA—not to mention all throughout New England—comes in an array of shapes, styles, and colors. Even if you prefer to keep your new vinyl house siding smooth and traditional, you can always choose colonial colors that are signature to our region. These are colors such as white, barn red, and navy blue.

2. Stately Entry Doors

Don’t undervalue the power of new entry doors! Front doors are so widely versatile in terms of design. This means you can even opt for entry door installation that provides the Old World charm of New England from long, long ago.

  • Don’t choose wood doors because you think they give you the best charm for curb appeal. Wood doors pose all kinds of problems, including high maintenance, peeling and chipping paint, and moisture damage.
  • Fiberglass is the alternative to wood doors. They provide the same look and feel as a wood entry door, except they resist all the harsh elements we experience here in New England.
  • Resistant to bad weather. Everyone knows that New England goes through the wringer in terms of weather. Even the vicious freeze and thaw cycle won’t affect fiberglass doors, which can make entry doors crack, chip, and peel.

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Entry door installation brings beauty to curb appeal while also insulating the home. Choosing front doors with a polyurethane foam core reduces energy loss, even during sub-zero temperatures.

3. Window Replacement

New replacement windows are perhaps one of the most charming exterior upgrades you can make for your home. With so many shapes and sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect complement for your exterior.

  • Double hung windows are the oldest and most popular style of window. These windows feature two operable sashes that easily glide open and closed. Even though it’s a traditional style window, you can add charm with window grids in styles such as diamond.
  • Geometric windows are incredibly charming. Coastal Windows & Exteriors offers custom made windows that are available in an array of shapes and sizes, adding an incredible amount of character to your curb appeal.
  • Bay windows are large and stately windows that instantly add something special to your home. You can add charming decorations in the window seat to reflect the seasons and holidays. You can also add stylish window grids to bay windows as well.

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Remember that window replacement is much more than an aesthetic upgrade. New windows will help lower your energy bills during the winter while keeping your home warm. The average low in Massachusetts is 28 degrees in December—which is right around the corner!

Find Charming & Energy Efficient Exterior Upgrades

Don’t wait to replace those old windows. With new quality window replacement, you can save hundreds of dollars each year on your energy bills! Be sure to check out our current promotions and call us for a quote at 978-304-0495