What Type of Window Are You Look For?

double hung windows

Double Hung Windows

By definition, the top and bottom sashes of double hung windows slide vertically to open and close. This allows for ease of use and improved ventilation.

Choose Double Hung Window Style If You:  want a timeless classic window style, full functionality (top & bottom), prefer easy to clean with tilt-in operations.

Slider e

Sliding Windows

By definition, slide horizontally to open and close. This allows for ease of use, especially in hard-to-reach areas and for those who have decreased mobility and strength in their arms and shoulders.

Choose Sliding Window Style If You:  want a contemporary look, have areas that are not easily accessed, live in a condo unit, have low ceilings with plenty of horizontal wall space.

replacement windows

Casement Windows

By definition, a window sash opening on hinges that are generally attached to the upright side of its frame.

Choose Casement Window Style If You:  have bow /bow or a multi-configuration window system, want unobstructed views of the outdoors and more ventilation and want a full 90 degrees for easy cleaning of both inside and outside.

replacement picture windows

Picture Windows

By definition, a large window that is made from a single piece of glass.

Choose Picture Window Style If You:  want unobstructed views and areas that don’t need additional ventilation and/or want natural light.

Bay Window

Bay & Bow Windows

By definition, Bay is a window built to project outward from an outside wall generally with more straight lines while a Bow curves out.

Choose Bay & Bow Window Style If You:  the latest trend in “opening up livable space”, had previous ones that have a delaminated seat or sagged and want one with a threaded steel rod for a sag-free support.

Awning windows
Awning windows

Awning Windows

By definition, defined as a window consisting of top-hinged sections arranged in a vertical design and swing the bottom edges of the sections outward. These have also been called hopper windows.

Choose Awning Window Style If You:  to add a decorative accent, visual interest, added light or improved ventilation as well as need added security for your basement.

Garden Windows

Garden Windows

By definition, a garden window is a smaller type of bay window that provides display space in a kitchen.

Choose Garden Window Style If You:  want to replace your garden window that has mold, mildew, faded, warped or peeling paint and you LOVE bringing the outside in!

specialty windows
custom windows

Speciality Windows

By definition, windows that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Choose Speciality Window Style If You:  want to add visual interest, more light, want a unique look for your home such as a touch of elegance with a circular shape window.

Designed to be Energy Efficient, Easy to Use & Beautiful

Unmatched Style and Variety

Our windows come in a range of interior and exterior colors to complement your siding and trim. Want even better news? In addition to our standard exterior colors, custom colors are also available.

We also offer a variety of window combinations. One window opening provides endless opportunity to get creative.  Perhaps you want double hung windows with a specialty window at the top (as pictured above) or maybe you want to add extra air flow with a transom window above your double hung windows. The decision is yours.

Don’t be fooled by dubious claims of impressive thermal values of any one component of a window. Look for the overall NFRC U-value to compare one window to another thermally and explore the glass options you want for your home.  Our windows come in Double and Triple Pane options, with U- Factor as low as .14

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