New England is the oldest region in America with countless traditional homes ranging from Colonial to Cape Cod. As we celebrate one of the most patriotic time of year, we’re giving some tips on how you can create timeless America curb appeal for your home.


American curb appeal example with a beautiful white house with a flag out front and a rounded porch on one corner


Complement Curb Appeal with Classic Window Styles

The iconic homes of New England date back to the 1600s in Boston, which are classified as First Period homes. You’ll find countless homes that are saltbox style that feature double hung windows and casement windows. These windows are long and rectangular and still serve as some of the most popular replacement windows in MA today.

Even though wood windows bring a sense of nostalgia from eras gone by, you’ll want to replace original wood windows with high quality vinyl.  You can have the same classic wood look but with lifetime vinyl replacement windows.


Why Replace Wood Windows with Vinyl Windows?


Replacing foggy windows with new high quality options.


  • Vinyl Frames
    • Do not rot and crumble away from moisture damage.
    • Reduce the probability of mold infestation as they are made of non-organic material.
    • Protect the home’s structural integrity as they don’t allow energy to escape as rotted wood frames do.
    • Maximize thermal performance and reduce air infiltration with professional window installation with proper insulation and weatherstripping.
    • Our vinyl windows are 20 times more efficient than wood windows. This means the amount of air leakage in one wood window equals 20 of or windows. If windows account for 10% of air leakage in a home, it’s important to have the lowest air infiltrated window on the market.
    • To learn more about wood vs vinyl windows click HERE and


Tie in Timeless Window Shutters for an Americana Vibe

According to the Historic Preservation Education Foundation, panel-style window shutters gained their popularity back in the eighteenth century. These shutters are typically associated with Georgian style homes, when shortly after the Venetian shutter became the most popular. Venetian shutters were effective at shielding the sun’s rays without restricting airflow, while panel shutters were best for blocking out icy winds during the winter.

Today, window shutters are mostly for looks unless you live on the coast and use hurricane shutters. However, shutters are a great feature to enhance Americana curb appeal here in New England. To get the most authentic look, choose shutters that look like real wood with paint colors such as dark red, navy blue, or black.


Install a Traditional (Looks-Like-Wood) Entry Door



Back in the pioneer days, wood was a readily available material that was a no-brainer to use for doors. However, in 2018, wood doors aren’t the most practical choice. Wood doors are problematic because they require a high level of maintenance to remain looking beautiful. The door must be painted, stained, and primed every couple of years for lasting beauty. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an entry door that peels, chips, and is even susceptible to termite damage.

The best way to get the Americana curb appeal that you crave without the maintenance is with fiberglass entry doors. Fiberglass is an ideal front door material due to its easy maintenance and resistance to moisture damage for a LIFETIME.

Fiberglass doors provide the ultimate Americana curb appeal with the following features:

  • We have over 20 fiberglass wood stain options but we feel the best wood grain stains are: chestnut, pecan and espresso for that true New England curb appeal look.
  • If you prefer a paint color in comparison to a wood stain, a few timeless Americana factory paint finish options include Vallis Red (Hello…Talbot’s red door!), Enzian Blue or Coal Black. Find more beautiful colors for entry doors here.
  • Choose fiberglass doors with a PVC heat-resistant vinyl-coated aluminum frame cladding for a rot resistant frame which is warranted not to warp, crack or pull away from the door, even in sunny or higher temperature areas.
  • Impact shield that protects the home from harsh storms and break-ins.
  • Fiberglass doors maximize energy savings with a polyurethane foam core and decrease energy bills.


Include Old Glory on Your Front Lawn

The American flag is perhaps the most symbolic item to include with your curb appeal landscaping this holiday. According to the US Department of Veterans Affairs, it should be displayed often but especially on national and state holidays, or special occasions.

We gave a lot of great tips on Old Glory etiquette in a previous post, but this infographic from Country Living gives a great visual representation on how to properly display the American flag.

P.S.: Don’t forget to spotlight your flag if you choose to hang it at night.


Americana curb appeal showing how to display American flag properly.


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