Do Replacement Windows Mean Saying Farewell to Your Home’s Vintage Charm?

Often times, today, it’s tough to combine energy efficiency with style – especially when it comes to replacement windows. The most popular window styles found on today’s homes are:

Single Hung Window Double Hung Window

But did you notice that most of these window styles don’t really have that much style at all? Old, drafty, non-energy efficient windows can cost a lot in terms of comfort and on your home’s heating and cooling bills. This is why many people today look into energy-efficient replacement windows for their home.

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But upgrading your windows to their energy-efficient counterparts doesn’t have to come at the cost of style!

Incorporate Brand New Stained Glass Windows With Your New Replacement Windows

We love these leaded glass window styles… Can you believe they’re all new windows?

upcycled windows hung over replacement windows

Hang an Upcycled Window In Front Of Your Replacement Windows

We love this example of hanging a vintage leaded transom sash in front of a single hung replacement window.

stain glass window pic(photo credit: my natural family)

Want this look for your New England home? We found another leaded transom sash on Architectural Antiquities! We also love this Queen Anne era elongated diamond pattern sash too!

Choose Vintage Window Style Accents for Your Replacement Windows

Incorporate Arched transom windows into your replacement window styles.

The arched window featured below includes multiple window styles. The arched window up top is technically a basement window (hinged at the bottom and opens inward), while the bottom windows are casement windows.

coco kelley area window(photo credit: coco kelley)

What’s your vintage window style?

Coastal Cottage:


(photo credit: home bunch)

Look for oval transoms and subtle arches when considering replacement windows.


gothic victorian nehome

Look for equilateral and lancet arched windows, for leaded glass, and for beveled glass.


VIctorian home

(photo credit: Pinterest)

Want to learn more about energy-efficient, stained glass windows for your home? Contact us to view our designer glass styles or customize your own stained glass window!