Are You Hearing Strange Noises In The Night?

Frost Quakes HouseDo you hear strange LOUD popping sounds in the night?  Don’t worry it most likely is just a Frost Quake. Your house will not fall down. A Frost Quake happens when moisture suddenly freezes and then expands.

This winter has been a doozy for them! Frost quakes are technically known as cryoseism. Local temperatures have been frigid, but like this weekend we have had some occasional warm-ups which have allowed for thawing. For a moment there I only had to wear my vest and I dreamed about my flip flops…and then BAM the temperature swung back to freezing temps.

The noise you may be hearing is very loud – some might compare it to a plane crashing or gunshots. It’s not the regular noise you hear when your house is creaking or ice is breaking. Homeowners often hear this noise more at night because ambient noise during the day tends to drown it out.

Back to the HOME Schooled lesson…so as you learned in 7th-grade science class water expands when it freezes and stress builds up until it is released. I think David learned this in his Rocket Class (Yes people he took this class by choice) and used this knowledge when he was at a home today in Lynnfield.  One homeowner we visited was concerned about the structure of her roof and possibly thought the gutter was hanging off and banging into the house.

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While these are valid reasons, this wasn’t the case today.  She was experiencing Frost Quakes and these occur when we have a thaw and a rapid melt.  So it’s not ghosts, or a large raccoon and has no fear, your house is not going to fall down.  It’s back to 7th grade Science class (or Rocket Class for David) with the basic laws of physics taking place.

The noises you hear are from the expansion and contraction from the wood rafters and sheathing (down to ¼”)  resulting from the big differences in temperatures between the frigid cold outside and the warmer temperatures inside your home.  And again, as David can attest, sound travels further in colder temperatures so it may seem louder in the quietness of your home.

So what can you do besides purchase a pair of earplugs? This is quite possibly a sign of inadequate ventilation and/or insulation. If your roof is 15 years or older, call us today for a full roof inspection and estimate. At Coastal We offer the best roofing products, roof warranties, and roof installation in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Earplugs come free of charge!