See a model of your home before the work begins

Measure • Style • Estimate

Simpler, more transparent process

Our collaborative 3D model not only helps you pre-visualize your project, but it also gets us on the same page before the work starts—even the most challenging projects feel possible, no guesswork (and way more fun)!


Best-in-industry measurements


Improved visualization for more confident decisions


Fast, accurate estimate

Dream it. See it. Do it.

Home improvement shouldn’t be a mystery. At Coastal, we’re dedicated to improving your renovation experience. That’s why we use 3D technology to help you know what it will look like and what it will cost before the work even begins.

Those photos don’t just turn out the most accurate measurements in the industry. They also create a 3D model of your actual home ready for you to style.

Endless design Possibilities

Top Manufactures
Colors and variations

How does 3D modeling work?

Those photos don’t just turn out the most accurate measurements in the industry. They also create a 3D rendering of your actual home ready for you to style.

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Snap Photos

With just a few photos, Coastal can create an accurately measured 3D model of your home!


Better Measurements

Receive a detailed report of all measurements making material selection & budgeting a breeze!


Visualize and Design

Get creative and preview different styles, colors, and more to make more confident decisions!


Accurate Systems

We’ll provide an estimate and coordinate with our production team to schedule your project as well as offer current promotions and 0% financing solutions!!


Design in 3D on your virtual home

Ready for some fun? Use design tools to change colors, roof style, siding type, windows, and more with real products on your home’s 3D model. Pretty cool, huh? Collaborate with your Coastal rep on design decisions, material selections, and other project plans.



Accurate estimates made simple

Our best-in-industry measurements result in the most accurate estimates and fewer unexpected costs later. This helps to estimate project scope and costs with total confidence!

Project Management

Quicker job completions

Your project gets done more quickly with fast measurements, estimating, and ordering. Coastal simplifies getting the job done, so you can bring your dream home to life, faster and with less stress!

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Design your dream home with confidence

Coastal is all about helping you build a better home with better products. Thankfully, we’ve earned the trust of name-brand products and can provide you with top-tier service and material selection.

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See the potential in your home’s future

Looking for personalized help designing your home exterior project? Call Coastal for your complimentary, no-obligation home consultation—including free inspection, estimate, and 3D model rendering!