There is a gap in your home that you may not know about and it is inviting cold air inside and wasting energy.  It’s a giant energy waster in your home.  It’s equivalent to leaving your window open a few inches all day.  Have a guess as to what the culprit is?

I’m sorry, but it’s from our friends the plumbers that cut in the subfloor to make room for the drain assembly at the bottom of a bathtub (or sink), causing this huge air leak costing you money.

We recently talked about caulking windows and replacing weatherstripping so you’re hopefully on your way to saving some money, but now it’s time to seal this HUGE air leak.

Here’s how it happens.  So when the plumber cuts into your subfloor to make room for your drain assembly at the bottom of a bathtub they need to make a larger hole that gives them some extra room when they connect the pipes.  Unfortunately this big hole is left open and exposed to the space below.  This hole in your subfloor can increase your heating bills as cold air is drawn up from the larger hole.

If you have a first-floor bathroom over a crawl space or unheated basement you probably have this “bathtub hole”. You can save money and do this yourself. 

subfloorholeThe Best Ways to Plug the Leak

  1. Look under your bathroom drain assembly and patch the hole with pieces of foam board and screw it into place to block the air leak.
  2. Seal any gaps with spray foam insulation.
  3. To go an extra step you can install galvanized panning material and sheet metal screws to secure it to the underside of your subfloor.

By sealing this hole you can save money and get some added comfort to your home!  Follow our Warm & Cozy Home Guide to learn more and as always if you’re interested in saving up to 40% on your energy bills call us (888) 812-2783 and we can educate you on the latest home exterior technology to keep your home warm. Our windows, siding, roofing and door products offer both energy efficiency and lifetime protection.  We look forward to hearing from you!