Often New Year’s makes us reflect on our lives and set resolutions that will enhance them for the better. So what about setting a New Year’s resolution for your home? Do you wish to replace your drafty windows, fix that leaky roof, replace a breezy door, or take care of some rotted siding? No worries, we can resolve all of those. So contact us with whatever home improvement resolution you set this year because we’d be happy to help.

Why Make a Home Improvement Resolution?

We want you to make a home improvement resolution because of the trend “super-cocooning” of course! Come one we’ve all been hearing the phrase, “Let’s just stay home” more often from our friends and family these days. Well that’s what super-cocooning is all about, traveling less and socializing in our homes more. Rather than going out, people are staying home, nesting and entertaining more often. Even for me, Sundays are all about staying home, making soup and taking on a home project. Super-cocooning puts a focus on home improvement projects that ultimately transform our homes into warm and cozy haven for our daily lives. 2014 is the year to embrace this trend whether your entertaining guests or just creating a comfortable habitat to live in.

Your home should be a peaceful retreat that refreshes and renews your mood when you’re there. Don’t think of your bedroom as being the only sanctuary in your home – what about your kitchen, living room, or even dining room? Inadvertently, this choice to stay in has affected home buying decisions. Individuals are focusing more on home renovation projects and products that relate to the comfort of their homes. For example, these renovations or products might be low-e energy efficient windows or a French sliding glass door with interior window blinds. However, the one thing most individuals are missing is the educational aspect. They need someone to help wade through the endless information and give them the real facts on what’s essential. At Coastal Windows & Exteriors, we hear, “so much has changed since we last renovated our home, can you tell me what I need to know?”

One of our core initiatives at Coastal Windows is to help educate homebuyers with the information they need. We present buyers with all the information on a specific product/topic and aid in making a decision that works best for their home.

Call us to learn how you can hit the refresh button on your home and transform your space into a safe haven.

Ring in the 2014 New Year in style, for your home of course!

Refreshing House Trends for 2014. The Best new looks and why we love them
The New Traditionalist is playfully weaving classic spaces with fresh warm, welcoming ideas to create a classic, fresh and welcoming home. People are moving away from more formal designs looking to create more intimate sophisticated livable designs with upbeat, polished elegance.

  1. Painted-Out Window and Baseboard Trim. This eliminates contrast and makes a room feel larger, giving a sense of grandness and full saturation.
  2. Neutrals and Muddled Jewel Tones are the hottest shade trends right now. Neutrals are moving beyond crisp white with warm, muted shades. Being formal or rustic these shades will inspire to color any room in your home.
  3. Expand Your Surroundings with Mirrors. Extra-large traditional arched mirrors makes a room feel more spacious, bouncing natural light off your windows.
  4. Tailored Trim Work. This looks great around French doors and adds warmth and contrast to the environment.
  5. Short Curtain Panels. Finish off windows but don’t interfere with bookshelves while maximizing your room space.