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Looking for quality roofing contractors in Danvers, MA? Coastal Windows & Exteriors provides roofing that brings indoor comfort, peace of mind, and premium protection from the elements. No more stressing over roof leaks, ice dams, or high energy bills when you opt for our GAF roof installation, engineered to last for a lifetime. 

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Danvers homeowners can finally relax knowing that your new roof prevents leaks, mold, and wood rot through every season. Furthermore, our roofing comes with an unlimited wind speed warranty to ensure that your shingles forever stay intact! 

Simply put, new roof installation brings happiness and peace of mind by way of:

  • Total protection for many components of your home, ranging from the chimney to the attic space and even your home’s foundation. This is achieved by protecting vulnerable areas that may are susceptible to water damage 
  • Did you know that moisture damage yields potentially thousands of dollars in mold or mildew removal, or wood rot replacement? A new roof protects from moisture damage while saving you headaches, hassle and money 
  • Get protection from ice dams that are dangerous, resulting in tens-of-thousands of dollars in damage to your home 
  • Your shingles remain secured to your roof even during the worst windstorms. Our roof includes an unlimited wind speed warranty as well as a 25-year labor workmanship warranty as well as a transferable lifetime shingle warranty 
  • Our GAF roofing systems are engineered to last for a lifetime

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“Coastal Windows & Exteriors replaced my roof. They met with me and discussed options and pricing. About a week after signing the contract, we had a big rainstorm and I had water running down an interior wall. I called them and they were there within an hour to tarp the roof at no extra charge. When they did the replacement, it was done in a day. They left my house and yard cleaned up and the roof has been excellent.” -Annie V.

Overhaul Your Danvers Curb Appeal with a New Roof 

Roof replacement makes a stunning impact on your curb appeal. This is especially true with our impressive shingle color selection. Imagine customizing your curb appeal with beautiful shingles, providing an architectural element that will have the neighbors swooning. 

In love with wood roof shingles but don’t want the headache of maintenance? Great news! Our shingles create the same shadow effective for a striking exterior.

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The Making of a Premium Roofing System

Are you looking for a reliable roof that will protect your home for decades to come? Our GAF roofing system is impeccably crafted in six streamlined layers. This roof provides the protection you need against rainstorms, wind storms, and even a repeat of the 2015 Snow Apocalypse. 

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Here is how our GAF roofing system is engineered: 

  1. Roof deck protection, essential to protecting your home against moisture infiltration 
  2. Leak barrier protection to reduce the stress of costly repairs from ice dams 
  3. Starter strip shingles prevents shingles from blowing away in the wind no matter the severity of wind storm 
  4. Cobra attic ventilation to balance the airflow in your attic space, reducing the risk of mold growth as well as ice dam formation. Attic ventilation is key to reducing mold and mildew growth, protecting your family from serious health risks 
  5. Ridge cap shingles bring superior leak protection to keep mold, mildew and wood rot at bay 

Energy costs are going through the roof. By choosing a new quality roof replacement, you are choosing the best defense against the elements possible which can ultimately help lower energy bills.

What Can I Expect During a Roofing Inspection?

Are you interested in getting a new roof inspection? We inspect roofing to find potential problems which lead to leaks or energy loss. When we visit your home for a roof inspection, we search for problems like rot, mold, damage, and holes. We also inspect that your ventilation is properly functioning, as this can help prevent ice dams and regular indoor temperature. Our professional roof installers discover even the smallest roof problems that may cost you thousands to repair.

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How Many Years Will a GAF Roof Last?

A Good quality roof should last for a lifetime! However, there are several determining factors to consider with the lifespan of a roof. One of those factors is roofing material. Asphalt is one of the longest-lasting materials available on the market, all while defending your home against the elements.

Professional roof installation in Danvers is also important. Improper installation and faulty materials will dramatically decrease the lifespan of your roof.  Coastal Windows and Exteriors is a GAF certified Master Elite roofing contractor. Only 2% of roofing contractors in the nation can clean this title! This means that we offer excellence and craftsmanship for every roofing project.

How Much Does a Roof Cost?

Many homeowners wonder about the cost of a new roof. This is certainly justified, as a new quality roof is an investment that can serve you for life. But how much does a roof cost?

There are several variables to this factor. You will need to consider the material of the roofing. Asphalt roofing is a cost-effective material, but it still brings immaculate curb appeal and premium performance. You will also need to consider the quality of roof, such as premium roofing materials from GAF roofing.

How much does a new roof cost? The best way to get this answer is to contact us for a free quote!

“It was a pleasure meeting Tim & Terry. They came to my house to discuss the options for my roof, the process and the pricing. They explained everything and answered all my questions.” -Kebert Eoi

Roofing Contractors in Danvers: Get Your Free Quote

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Associated with the Salem Witch trials of 1692, Danvers is now a bustling community with plenty of shopping, including the Liberty Tree Mall. Danvers homeowners rejoice as you can keep the New England charm of your home, even with new roofing! Please contact us to get a free estimate on a new roof. Our focus is on customer service and excellence in craftsmanship! Enjoy a 25-year labor warranty and a lifetime transferable shingle warranty. Get roofing that takes away the worry and stress of leaks and ice dams. 

Want more than roof replacement? We provide replacement windows, vinyl siding, and exterior doors, engineered and installed for a lifetime of performance.

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