Spring Home Improvement Resources

roofing contractor in New England

Spring Roofing Q&A: New England Edition

New England frequently experiences harsh winters that can test the resilience of our homes. When the temperature dips below freezing and snow blankets the landscape ... Read More »
New England home vinyl siding

Can I Paint Vinyl Siding? Siding Questions to Ask Your Contractor this Spring

Spring is here and this means that homeowners are contacting us for help in bringing wow-factor curb appeal to the exterior of their homes, especially ... Read More »
home remodeling questions and answers

Spring Remodeling Questions & Answers for New England Homeowners: Exterior Remodeling Edition

If you’re seeking information on remodeling questions and answers for your exterior remodeling project, you’re at the right place. Working with countless homeowners just like ... Read More »
window water leaks

My Windows Are Leaking Water: Spring Troubleshooting for Windows

As winter fades away, telltale signs of moisture damage from snowy weather become prominent on old wood windows. One of the first steps to take ... Read More »
Spring siding replacement

Benefits of Replacing Siding in the Spring

With spring in swing, you’re likely tackling a list of home upgrades as the weather turns warm. Replacing your home’s siding during the spring months ... Read More »
New England roof leaks

Battling Mold and Leaks: The Benefits of Roof Replacement in the Spring

During the spring season, it’s not uncommon to see roofing crews hard at work on homes throughout New England. This is for good reason, as ... Read More »
window safety week

National Window Safety Week: What To Do To Keep Your Family Safe

It's National Window Safety Week! This week is all about helping families learn how to prevent falls from windows as well as using windows to ... Read More »
damaged vinyl siding

Maintaining Vinyl Siding: A Spring Checklist

Curb Appeal 101: Perfecting Your Siding There’s nearly no other season that homeowners play such a large emphasis on curb appeal than springtime. It’s not ... Read More »