Spring Home Improvement Resources

Sustainable siding

Sustainable Siding: A Life Cycle Analysis of Insulated Vinyl Siding

Insulated Vinyl Siding: An Eco Friendly Siding Option Living in New England, today's homeowners want to know their home exterior offers the best protection for ... Read More »
spring home improvement

Top 5 Spring Home Improvement Tasks for 2021

Are you ready for spring home improvements? We are! Get ready for summer with this simple 5 item checklist to get your home ready and ... Read More »
May Link Up banner

The May Link Up

Hello, This spring we have been thrilled to share home exterior tips from our new Spring Resource Center. Today, we'll highlight our top spring 2021 ... Read More »
inspect your window frame

Spring Window Maintenance Checklist for New England Homeowners

Many homeowners are looking to step outside and fix up any damage that resulted from winter weather. Winter weather can take a toll on windows, ... Read More »
algae on your roof

Algae on Roof: The Microscopic Organism that Eats Your Shingles

It comes in streaks and patches. It even comes in different colors. If your neighbors have it in their home, you might have it, too. Unfortunately, ... Read More »
room with black vinyl windows

Black Frame Replacement Windows: The Trendsetting Exterior Upgrade in New England

If you’re a homeowner looking to add sleek and modern appeal to your exterior, look no further than black frame replacement windows. This cutting-edge upgrade ... Read More »
Vinyl Siding that Looks Like Wood: Why New Siding Should Top Your List for Exterior Home Maintenance

Vinyl Siding that Looks Like Wood: Why New Siding Should Top Your List for Exterior Home Maintenance

Living in New England, there are many styles of homes that incorporate old wood siding but traditional wood siding has many expensive maintenance problems. Want ... Read More »
new roof

Beyond The Shingles: A Look Inside a High-Performance Roofing System

From the outside, a roof appears as a layer of shingles. However, there is a lot going on inside of a high-performance GAF roofing system ... Read More »