Did you know we install all winter long? 

Winter, Schminter! We have our Winter Worry-Free Installation Program for full peace of mind.

Many New England homeowners are in need of new efficient windows, siding, roofing, and entry doors due to old products, drafts, leaks, and high energy bills. With the increase of National Grid spike of over 108% since last fall, it’s no wonder why you are in need and need to act now.

We want to let you know that winter is a great time to replace inefficient exterior products that cause energy bills to skyrocket! 

Winter doesn’t mean you need to put off your home improvement projects until spring. We are trained to work in ALL weather and understand your concerns/hence we enhanced our Winter Worry-Free Installation Program 

No more worries about feeling stuck with those drafty windows, an old leaky roof, cracked inefficient siding, and high energy bills waiting until Spring. Winter-Schminter-you got nothing on Coastal! 

With our Winter Worry-Free Installation Program, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that our installers work quickly without losing quality or craftsmanship. Meanwhile, we prep your home for minimal heat loss during the installation process. 

Can You Install Windows in the Winter?

It’s one of the biggest myths in the exterior home remodeling industry: you can’t install windows in cold weather. Not only can you perform window installation in MA during the winter, you should!

If you’re like many homeowners, you’re likely wondering what to expect with cold-weather window installation in MA. We’ll take you through the process of what happens during winter window installation, allowing you to discover the benefits that come along with it.

Your Free In-Home Demonstration

This step is similar to any other time of year. You’ll contact us for a quote and we’ll come to your home to educate you on our windows, like the fact that they can help you save over $400 per year on your heating bills!

The state of Massachusetts released the following data on the average heating bill in New England by heating type. Imagine reducing these numbers by hundreds of dollars each year!

Estimated Heating Costs

From there, you’ll choose your glass package, which should contain technologies such as low-e application and argon or krypton gas—the essential combination for thermal insulation in replacement windows. Low-e also helps the sun passively heat the home during the winter. Without these technologies, you won’t experience the maximized energy savings that new replacement windows bring.

Ordering Your Windows

Once you pick out all of the elements of your new window installation project, the next step is placing your order. The exciting part about ordering new windows in the winter is that you’ll typically have a shorter wait time than what you’ll have in spring or summer.

If you decide to wait until the summer, your wait time might last for several months! That’s because not as many homeowners are taking advantage of window replacement this time of year. You can also find some great window installation promotions during the winter.

Once your windows are ready, the cold weather installation process begins.

Preparing Your Home For Cold Weather Window Installation

Before we begin removing old windows, we’ll prep the area to keep your home as clean as possible. We may put tarps down to protect your flooring or landscaping outside. This protects the area from construction debris as well as the harsh winter elements. We’ll also ask you to put your pets in a safe place, away from the crew as they work to install your new windows.

winter home projects

Removing Old Windows

Once your home is ready, the next step to new window installation is removing the old windows. Unlike the warmer months, this is typically done by removing one window at a time. This is perhaps the biggest difference between warm vs. cold window installation.

If the window opening is very large, such as a bow, bay, or picture window, we might place plastic in front of the opening to help reduce energy loss inside the home.

When the old windows are removed, it’s time to start putting the new windows in place.

Installing New Windows

Smaller windows should be replaced relatively quickly, but don’t mistake quickness as incorrect installation. The best window installers are able to remove and replace old windows efficiently so you lose no energy.

This system is used to move from window to window, installing one after another in the shortest amount of time possible. The installers work in teams to make the window installation work as quickly,

When temperatures are very cold, special caulking or insulating foams might be used that are suited for cold weather window installation. If temperatures get close to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, caulking and foam can become brittle and difficult to apply.

While temperature isn’t as much of a concern for window replacement as other exterior projects, there are some circumstances when snow or ice might pose a problem.

We have a very intricate, step-by-step process that we follow with window winter installation. Our goal is to work quickly while minimizing energy loss during the process.

What About Snowfall?

Light snow typically won’t delay your window installation project. However, you’ll have to pay attention to snow accumulation around your home. Too much snow and ice can make it difficult to access the area and get new windows installed, so make sure the area is clear before the window installation team arrives.

Otherwise, you can expect your window installation to be uneventful. The crew will clean up after themselves and leave your home looking just as clean as you left it!

Coastal Windows & Exteriors is highly skilled at winter window installation in New England and all throughout Massachusetts! Booking your appointment today means getting ahead of the spring rush. It’s easy to book your appointment and take advantage of our current promotions or 0% APR financing! Click here for a free estimate.