designerbathsalemThank you to Mindy Sevinor Feinberg from Designer Bath and Salem Plumbing Supply for sharing her tips on unwinding and restoring the body this winter…
winter relaxation tips

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Is this your life today? You’re cold to the bone, you have the sniffles, your muscles are tight and sore possibly from work or maybe from stress and your skin is dry and chapped. If so we have the solution for you! A 20 minute steam shower has many benefits and therapeutic values beyond just getting warm and cozy.


This is one of the most revitalizing gifts you can give yourself. You revitalize skin from the inside out. Not only does it hydrate your dry winter skin it also makes your skin softer and is a natural way to detox your body. It even increases your metabolism and fights cellulite. Wow!


Steam is also an excellent way to combat tight and sore muscles. Whether you are tight from the daily stresses of getting kids out the door to school, meeting deadlines at work or shoveling heavy snow, steam will alleviate the pain.


A steam shower can also relieve the symptoms from a cold, flu, allergies or asthma and arthritis. The steam head in the shower has a small reservoir on top for essential oils. What better way to relieve congestion then to add some eucalyptus or menthol?


If you toss and turn at night steam is also said to help you get a better night sleep.


A 20 minute steam shower only uses 1 gallon of water so you are healing your body and being kind to the environment. All you need is a vapor tight full height shower door, a steam generator, control and steam head.


The benefits are proven and they are great. If you want to stay warm and cozy this winter and have a warm cocoon to walk into without buying a plane ticket to a tropical island think Steam!


relaxation tips

(Photo Credit: Steamist)