insulateyourhomewithcurtainsDrafty windows can increase your heating bills up to 40%. You can save some money on your energy bills by installing the right window coverings.

Think about this? In the winter you wear layers, right? Well, your windows want the same layers of covering. You just need to understand how the layers work to help you winterize your home and make it a little warmer.

I don’t know about you, but before we installed our energy-efficient windows, our old windows were drafty and made me shiver in the winter! Brrrr! I also found out that they weren’t even insulated! Read about the importance of insulating windows. Curtains or drapes can help insulate your rooms as they reduce the amount of air exchange between a cold window and the rest of the room.

Ok, here’s what you need to do to insulate your windows…

Before you start your project, inspect your windows for any missed or dried-up caulking to prevent moisture seepage.

  1. Layers: Curtains are made with one layer and draperies are curtains with linings attached. So to create the insulation effect of draperies just add a separate layer to a curtain to mimic that effect.
  2. Air Movement: Air always attempts to equalize itself so the cold air that comes from your cold drafty windows wants to merge with the warm room air. It’s time to put a barrier up to trap that cold air.
  3. Fabric Choice: research shows that drapes with blackout fabric is the best choice. Note when you install them the rough side goes against the window.
  4. Proper Fittings: Drapes need to fit tightly so they fit against windows on ALL sides. You will need to install two sets of curtains:
    • Install your first curtain rod a minimum of 9” above and 6” on each side and a return of 2”.
    • Install the second curtain rod 9” above the window, extending past the sides to at least 8” on each side and with a return of 4”.
    • Hang you final decorator rod 9” above, 10” on the sides and a 6” return.
    • You will also have to go for the puddle style so all layers must extend past the floor at least 4”. **
    • Install a board-mounted valance above the curtain rods as well as inside-mount blinds and/or shades.
    • Affix one side of hook and loop tape to the outside edges of each layer and staple the other side of the tape to the wall to create a tight outer-edge seal.

insulatedwindowsAfter you install triple-insulated window treatments to all your windows, check your windows. You may still see frost build-up. This could be a sign of poorly sealed windows. If the fog in the window does not go away, call us. It means the seals have failed. No curtains, triple or double layers can help with this issue. It means the seals have failed and the money you spend heating your home is literally going out the window.

We hope you found this blog on insulating your windows with drapes helpful. Contact us today to set up your FREE window estimate and we will check your cold drafty windows. We are here to help give you solutions to warm up your home this winter. Winter is here…are you ready?

**Please make sure if you are installing full length drapes that they do not cover any radiators as you will be preventing heat from entering the room.

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