Q:  What are the top colors for entry doors to enhance my home?

A: An entry doors serves as the focal point of your home. It offers a warm welcome to guests during the day and keeps your home safe and secure at night. It’s no secret that both modern front doors and traditional front doors can boost your home’s curb appeal, but choosing your entry door’s color can be a challenge.

If you’re considering a new entry door for your home or you’re planning to change its color, here are a few of the top colors for front entry doors.

Eight Fresh Colors for Modern and Traditional Front Doors

blue front entry door

A home without shutters gives you way more options when selecting the color for your front door. Most of the time you can choose a warm door to go with a cool house, or vice versa. With that said, why not try a splash of gorgeous color to boost curb appeal and make your front entry more welcoming! When you’re looking to give your home a traditional or modern twist, HGTV and Coastal Windows & Exteriors recommends using the following colors:

    • Teal Appeal: This is a non-traditional color that feels like a breath of fresh air and can brighten a porch area with a strong statement. We love Sherwin-Williams Nifty Turquoise.
    • Slate is Great: A slate-colored front door can be the perfect alternative to green, taupe, or black. Sherwin Williams Roycroft Bronze Green is the perfect mix of grey and deep green.
    • Welcome Red: Red entry ­doors have stood the test of time and look great against a brick or muted color home. Sherwin Williams Real Red is a great option for that classic look.
    • Classic White: This option looks great against a grey home. A bright white such as Sherwin Williams High Reflective White can add pop to a blah exterior, while a softer white like Sherwin Williams Arcade White can bring things into balance.
    • Back in Black: Check out Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black for a stately traditional look with white molding and trim, for a classic yet bold look.
    • In the Navy: When your home has a lot of architectural detail it takes a dark color such as navy to keep your door as a focal point.  Sherwin Williams Naval looks wonderful with antique bronze hardware for a polished look.
    • Grape Expectations: If your house is a neutral color and you are scared of a bright turquoise door, try a neutral paint color like Sherwin Williams Deep Maroon as an opposite temperature.
    • You Got The Green Light: Oh so very Feng Shui~ green is the color of balance and renewal. While it can blend in with your landscaping, it can also draw out the different shades in your yard. The saturated historic hue we love is Sherwin Williams Roycroft Bottle Green.

Keep in mind that there are other factors that relate to choosing your entry door color. For example, you’ll want to consider your home’s style and choose a color that coordinates with your home’s exterior. You’ll also want to stick to a color that won’t make your home look out of place within your neighborhood—it’s OK to stand out, but avoid going overboard. When choosing a color for a new front door make sure the company you choose has a paint finish warranty. Here at Coastal, you can get your door customized in any color in the Sherwin Williams catalog and get a manufacturer warranty against flaking, blistering or peeling for 10 years! Why paint it yourself when the factory can and give you a warranty to boot? Say yes to curb appeal and peace of mind!

When it comes to upgrading your entry door, sometimes a color change just won’t cut it.

Do You Need a New Front Door? Replacing your entry door might be necessary, and the following 10 warning signs will tell you when it’s time for an upgrade:

  1. Your entry door is sticky—in other words, it’s difficult to open and close
  2. Light shines through the edges around your door
  3. You can see visible dings and rust
  4. There is moisture between glass panes on your door
  5. Your door is weathering, warping, or cracking
  6. You use draft snakes and towels to stop cold drafts during the winter
  7. There are signs of water and insect damage
  8. Your heating and cooling bills are steadily on the rise
  9. There is a noticeable temperature drop around your entry door
  10. Cracked and discolored caulking

These 10 warning signs signify problems such as poor insulation, broken seals, or your door doesn’t properly fit inside of its frame. If you’re experiencing any of these warning signs, consider replacing your entry door to save money on your energy bills and give your home a whole new look. Please contact us at 978-304-0495 or email Stephanie at svanderbilt@mycoastalwindows.com with any questions, we are always happy to help!

I hope this week’s column inspired and educated you about top color choices and also taught you a few warning signs in case you are in need of a front entry door in Boston, Beverly and surrounding areas.