So with our warranty, we have the transferable warranty so it adds the value to the home. It also has a warranty on every single part of the window. We also have accidental glass breakage, which a lot of companies don’t have or if they do have it it’s prorated.

I grew up in a community that’s near a golf course and we would have a lot of broken glass. We would always have to pay a glass company that re-glaze our windows and redo it.

If your sectional glass breaks, it doesn’t matter how it breaks, it’s covered. We send out a brand new sash, not just the glass, the entire sash, put a brand new sash in and your window is brand new. Every single window in the bottom right-hand corner has a SKU number so, God forbid, something were to happen to our company, you’re completely covered for that window, regardless of whether we exist or not. Which a lot of peoples’ biggest hangup.

The average remodeling company, 80% are out of business within the first five years. So with that being said, purchasing from anybody under five years old is a risk. Now we’re in nine years now but you know, even at nine years that’s a big risk because out of the 80%, 20% that’s left, 96% are out before seven years. It’s a very high turnover industry so my biggest concern is making sure that our customers are taken care of regardless of whether we are in business or not. Even though I hope that we’re in business forever.

If they’re completely covered whether I’m around or not that makes me feel confident, every time I walk into someone’s home.

The warranty on the window, you have a certified installer, we use InstallationMasters certifications when it comes to our certified install so the windows are going to be installed by the manufacturer as long as their approval rating so you can’t run into the issues of an improperly installed window.

So, that’s the biggest gripe when it comes to warranty because someone will have a warranty and they’ll realize, “Hey, it’s not the window, it’s the installer.” So it turns into a finger pointing game and nobody knows who is supposed to cover the product.

With us, we get rid of that, it’s out of the equation.

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