Q: I’m searching for new siding and I am finding a lot of material options. Vinyl siding in MA and New England feels like a popular choice, but is it really the best?

A: You’re correct when you say that vinyl siding is a popular exterior option. There are several reasons why this is the top choice for exterior materials not only in New England but the entire country.

vinyl siding for your home

Quality, Durable Material

Whether you live along the New England coast or you’re in an old farmhouse in the countryside, you need an exterior that withstands the elements and lasts for life.

Vinyl siding meets many checkboxes in terms of quality and durability, such as:

  • Quality vinyl panels are flexible and strong. They will not break or bend on impact. Cracks and holes in poor quality siding immediately expose your exterior to the elements. Worse yet, this can promote mold and mildew growth if moisture becomes trapped.
  • Progressive foam insulation helps to further prevent holes and cracks as it fills in the hollow gap between the siding and the sheathing. It’s an extra layer of support that keeps the vinyl siding solid and durable. It provides up to 19% better R-Value than regular foam insulation and more insulating power than fiber cement, wood, or brick siding.
  • Vinyl siding is designed to withstand high winds of up to 200 MPH

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One of the most attractive benefits of vinyl siding is low maintenance. While wood is a common exterior choice in New England especially with older homes, it comes with a lot of upkeep. Wood siding is prone to peeling, flaking, and rotting.

Vinyl siding replacement is the smart alternative to wood panels as repainting costs over a 30 year period is over $16,000.Save that expense with our vinyl siding…for a lifetime!

  • With advanced UV-resistant exterior fade-free paint formulation means you won’t need to worry about vinyl siding fading. Chromatix technology infrared-reflecting pigments reduce heat build-up which resists fade and protects against the elements day after day.
  • Since vinyl siding won’t fade, there is no need to paint, stain, or sand over the seasons. We understand the importance of effortlessly maintaining your siding in all New England elements.  This is one of the great ways that vinyl siding replacement saves you money.
  • Vinyl siding outperforms all other siding options for maintenance. Brick requires re-pointing of mortar, while fiber cement and wood needs painting. Vinyl siding only requires washing down with a garden hose.comparing ongoing maintenance

Mold and Mildew Resistant

Did you know that the average New England home will perspire 4-7 gallons of water per day? This can easily result in mold and mildew growth. However, vinyl siding is mold and mildew resistant which keeps your home healthy and beautiful.

  • Vinyl siding helps moisture from making its way into your home. If rain or melted snow becomes trapped behind the panels, it leads to mold and mildew growth. This can ultimately damage the exterior and lead to expensive removal and repair.
  • Non-permeable underlayment helps the home “sweat out” the excess moisture without resulting in mold and mildew growth.
  • Since vinyl siding is not an organic material, mold growth on top of the panels is very difficult and won’t allow it to thrive.


Keep the heat where it belongs…inside your home!  Quality vinyl siding replacement can increase a home’s thermal efficiency by not allowing heat to escape from your home.

  • When upgrading with our thermal resistant panels, you can reduce your energy bills as it dramatically reduces heat and energy escaping through the studs of your home
  • While upgrading with the same siding, homes without insulation inside of the walls can save 78% on energy bills.
  • Our insulating siding systems are the only options endorsed by the Department of Energy for increasing the thermal efficiency of your home. There are no other proven ways to increase thermal efficiency with other materials such as stucco, wood, PVC, or other wall cladding.Massachusetts Cost Offset & Incentives for Insulated Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding in MA is Sustainable

Sustainable siding

Are you concerned about your carbon footprint? Vinyl siding is one of the most eco-friendly exterior cladding options that you can find. While many people believe that vinyl isn’t sustainable because it’s made primarily from PVC materials this couldn’t be farther from the case.

But what makes vinyl siding so sustainable? There are several reasons why vinyl is excellent for the environment, including:

  • It’s a long-lasting material – Unlike other home improvement materials such as wood, which will eventually decay, vinyl siding will last for many, many years. It also keeps the siding out of the landfill, since it’s recyclable after it runs the course of its life.
  • Vinyl siding in MA is energy-efficient – Insulated paneling and house wrap prevent heat transfer during the winter while keeping your home cozy all year long.
  • It does not require the harvesting of trees – Unlike wood siding, trees do not need harvesting or transportation to engineer the siding.

Make a Powerful Statement on Your Curb Appeal

Lastly, vinyl siding creates quite the transformation for your curb appeal. You can design your own siding from scratch with our range of aesthetic options and upgrades, complementing homes from any era here in New England.

  • Mix and match trim and accessories to create your dream exterior.
  • Scallops highlight window gables and have edges to emphasize the unique architecture.
  • Hand-split shakes add visual appeal that looks just like weathered wood siding.
  • Dozens of color options to choose from, all suitable for any New England home style.

Vinyl Siding in MA: The Essential Exterior Upgrade

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