Our Solution for Social Distancing During Coronavirus

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As we try and survive this new normal, we understand that you still have home improvement needs- replacement windows, vinyl siding, roofing and entry doors.  We understand the current COVID-19 climate and offer two kinds of social distancing appointments. We are an OPEN essential business. Click here or call 978-817-7072 for a FREE, no-obligation estimate. Coastal Windows & Exteriors is meeting the needs of homeowners—the perfect solution for COVID-19 social distancing while improving the exterior of your home!

  • CHOICE #1:  NO CONTACT Social Distancing Appointments  According to state law, we are an OPEN Essential Business.  We follow all CDC social distancing and COVID-19 preventative measures during all appointments and installs.  We schedule these appointments based on what you feel most comfortable with- most of the time, in home with a mask following a 6’ social distancing rule.  We can also stand outside your home and meet with you on a porch, driveway etc. We take 8-10 photos and create a 3D visual model with accurate measurements.  Then, we go over your options and provide you with a quote- right on the spot.

  • CHOICE #2:  Virtual Appointments are an alternate way where we can meet with you via Zoom, Facetime etc.- whichever way works for best for you. Read below to see your options. 

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1. Let’s Chat About What You Need. The first step is to contact us to see how we can help with your replacement windows, roof, vinyl siding and/or entry door estimates. We will schedule your NO CONTACT appointment.  Call us at 978-817-7072 or click HERE to fill out the contact us form.

2. Get Your Quote.  If you decide to have a safe social distancing in-home/outside appointment, great!  If you decide you want to do your appointment virtually, here are your options:  


phone call estimate

Phone call: This is a low-tech approach where we simply call you on the phone at an agreed-upon day and time.

zoom meeting

Zoom: This is one of the most popular free video conferencing options since social distancing rules were enforced. We will send you a link to your email address where you can dial in by phone or use your computer. We will hop on video and talk to you just as if we were inside your home! 

skype estimate

Skype: This works the same as Zoom and another simple and free option for virtual estimates for roofing and siding.

google hangouts estimate

Google Hangouts: An easy and free way to connect via video. No Google account necessary.

facetime estimate

FaceTime: A perfect solution for those with an iPhone or Mac computer. 

3. 3D Model.  Our trained masked representatives will come to your home and get the measurements via our 3D technology via 6’ social distance.  In fact, you don’t have to go outside at all as we take your measurements!3d home model

4. 3D Model With Accurate Measurements & QuoteWe will go over your measurements with our amazing 3D model with you and see how your new roofing, siding, windows and/or entry doors will look on your home.  We will give you an accurate quote and timeline to get your product started.  

This will help you explore all of the excellent options we have for VINYL SIDINGROOF, WINDOW and ENTRY DOOR replacement options.


This is a great time to take advantage of our TRIPLE ZERO 0/0/0 FINANCING. Find out more by clicking here

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It’s so safe and simple, you won’t have to think twice about replacing your windows, roofing, vinyl siding and/or entry doors during the COVID-19 outbreak.