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The Story of Chocolate Depression Cake

If you’ve been enjoying #quarantinebaking and running out of ingredients, don’t worry…Coastal Windows & Exteriors has got you covered!  You can make this simple Depression Era Chocolate Cake that doesn’t require butter or eggs. During this time they had to ration and do without many things we take for granted today.  With a few pantry items you can make this quarantine-pleaser!  The cake gets its name during the Great Depression when rations were limited and is apparently making a big comeback as many homeowners are searching recipes that are easy & extremely adaptable.  This reminds me of today’s #newnormal when we go to the grocery store and can’t find everyday ingredients so we have to “make do” so I thought this could be a simple recipe for all to enjoy and easy to make.  The times were simple then like now where we rely on each other at home so this recipe embodies those fundamental values with a focus on home & familyDepression Era Chocolate Cake…Serve with vanilla ice cream or a cold glass of milk.  As my good friend used to say, “It’s the perfect combination of hot & cold!”  Enjoy!


Please Enjoy This Free Downloadable Depression Cake Recipe

depression era chocolate cake

depression era chocolate cake recipe


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