Did you know that the amount of heat potentially escaping through your windows is equivalent to having an open window year round? That’s crazy! Inadequate insulation and air leakage are the leading causes of energy waste in homes. If your windows look like this, then maybe it’s time to ask yourself these questions…

old windows

  • Is your home too cold in the winter?
  • Did you pay too much on your heating bills last year?
  • Do you get a chill every time you walk past your home’s windows?
  • Are your windows difficult to open or close?
  • Does the glass in your windows rattle in the wind?
  • Do your curtains blow in the breeze – even when your windows are closed?

No, don’t call Ghostbusters (yes, I am a child of the 80’s)! There’s a chance of a few things: your glass in your windows isn’t functioning any longer, your window frames are older than the hills and aluminum, you rely on inadequate storms to keep the heat inside your home, and your windows and weight boxes are not insulated. This is the topic of today’s blog. Why is it important to insulate? Grab a cup of tea and read on to learn why this is a crucial step.

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You can buy the best windows in the world, but they will not perform well if they are not insulated or installed properly. The area around the window and the old weight boxes need to be filled with the right type of insulation so cold air doesn’t blow around your new windows. Insulation is a two-step process: utilizing the right kind of insulation for certain parts of the window frame and weight boxes and the other part is the sealant. Some contractors will use cheap latex caulking rather than the insulation. This is bad. Caulk is used for sealing, not insulating. The best way to insulate weight boxes is to use fiberglass insulation.  Many contractors will cheap out to keep the price and labor costs down and not insulate weight pockets at all. A good installer will also make sure not to use too much to allow for natural movement of the house independently from the window. ALL products expand, contract and thus move, so ignoring this will be a problem.

The gap around the new windows, and existing frame, requires spray foam, specifically manufacture for window and door application. Standard store bought foam will expand too much, causing the windows to bind, and not function properly. This could result in the loss of warranty.

Oh-don’t know what I am talking about when I am talking about weight boxes? It’s that area around your windows that has that ancient rope and pulley system you would see if you took the window out. Feel your trim around your window or let us come out with our temp gun. We can let you know if they are properly insulated. As for sealant, the best product to use is a construction-grade Silicone on the exterior work and paintable Butyl for the interior work.

Windows and doors are the single biggest source of home energy loss and as much as 40% of your home’s energy loss occurs through outside air infiltration through your windows and doors. At a time when energy costs are sky-high this is probably a major part of your home’s budget so becoming more energy efficient is extremely important. Our fully insulated energy-efficient windows are designed to be more thermally efficient and can keep your home warmer in winter.

But remember this, a window is only as good as its installation. Look for a contractor that is factory certified to know (1) that the manufacturer’s warranty will be honored and (2) that they will be installed correctly with proper insulation. After all what’s the point of buying new windows, if they are not insulated right or at all? Talk about money wasted…Don’t be left in the cold. Call us to check to see if your windows are insulated and see how we can save you money this winter. It’s time for you to actually be warm this winter, right?