Celebrating spring in New England is easy when it comes to upgrading your exterior. When finding new curb appeal ideas, the hardest part is choosing from the seamlessly endless options.

Remember that there is a lot more to improving your curb appeal than just aesthetics, such as increasing home value and even lower your energy bills by up to $400 each year.

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These are some of the most popular curb appeal ideas for New England homes this spring:

Create Rustic Curb Appeal with Weathered Wood Siding

Vinyl cedar shakes continue to be one of the top options for exterior upgrades this spring. Why is this upgrade so special? When you choose weathered wood siding engineered with quality vinyl, you get the appearance of hand-split shakes from New England eras gone by.

This type of exterior siding is truly a work of art. You can enhance your home with weathered wood siding by:

  1. Choosing vinyl cedar shakes that are randomly sized to get a staggered appearance. This is the best way to get the look of vinyl shakes that appear completely handmade.
  2. If you are going for traditional curb appeal, consider red vinyl cedar shakes. According to This Old House, red was the top choice for grand homes in New England during the 1800s. It was also a favorite because it had a dark, rich appearance when it faded—although your new vinyl shakes will never fade from the sun!
  3. For Nantucket-style cottages, consider white weathered wood siding.
  4. Choose maintenance-free vinyl weathered wood siding to eliminate the worry of rot and energy loss over the years.

Weathered wood siding makes a statement on any New England home, but let’s talk about how new window replacement can kick your curb appeal up a notch.weathered wood siding

Opt for Wow-Factor Window Replacement

It’s impossible to count the ways that replacement windows can create killer curb appeal. Simply swapping out old and outdated wood windows with beautiful vinyl can create quite the impression. However, window shapes, styles, and sizes can make the biggest impact yet for your exterior.

These are a few tips with replacement windows you can use to overhaul your curb appeal.

  1. Rotting wood window frames will downgrade curb appeal in the snap of a finger. Not to mention, they can allow moisture inside the home that causes mold and mildew. Replace old wood frames with vinyl frames in an array of colors, instantly boosting your property value and protecting your family from the dangers of mold growth.
  2. Choose vinyl frame colors that coordinate or contrast with your existing exterior.  For example, dark siding with light trim is a popular combination stemming from the early eras of New England. When the vinyl frame colors are fading or unattractive, it can downgrade the value of your home.
  3. Upgrade to windows with decorative glass. The decorative glass comes in a large assortment of patterns and shapes. It helps historic homes maintain their charm while adding character to modern homes.

Replacement windows make a stunning upgrade for the exterior, but there is another contender to bring extra beauty to your curb appeal: entry doors.

Entry Door Installation: A New Focal Point for Your Curb Appeal

Doors bring a new allure to your home. Here are a few ideas to get you feeling inspired for new curb appeal this spring:

  1. Replace inefficient doors with quality fiberglass. Fiberglass is an eco-friendly alternative to wood. Lighter than both wood and steel, they prevent rot since they do not damage from moisture. They are also resistant to cosmetic blemishes such as scratches and dents, leaving you with a beautiful front door that you never need to maintain.
  2. Upgrade to an entry door with bold paint. When you want to make a big impact on the exterior while increasing your property value, it’s hard to argue the impact of a bright and beautiful entry door. Some of the most attractive and popular front door colors include blue, yellow, green, and red. We can paint your door any color in the Sherwin Williams color catalog!
  3. Make a statement with dark wood stains. If bold color is too much for your taste, your curb appeal is sure to look lovely with a fiberglass door featuring a dark wood stain. It’s suitable for nearly any home style in New England!Image of a completed door project in Gloucester, MA

Get More Curb Appeal Ideas

With our keen eye for exterior remodeling, we can put our heads together with you and design your ideal curb appeal. Contact us today to discuss your personalized ideas with new windows, doors, roofing, and siding,