Each year, Remodeling Magazine reveals its Cost vs Value report. This report compares the average costs for 22 remodeling projects with the value those projects retain for each market, including New England. The report also compares New England/Boston to the rest of the country in terms of ROI.

This is the newest 2019 data along with additional insight on how you get get the best return for your money this year.

Lowest Air Infiltrated Window

Window Replacement: Strong 81% ROI

Vinyl window replacement continues to be one of the top exterior remodeling upgrades in New England. Throughout the New England region, the ROI is 81% for vinyl window installation with a slightly lower rate for Boston at 72.5%. While Boston’s market is in line with the national average of 73.4%, the New England region can enjoy a strong 81% ROI.

Tips for Getting the Best ROI for Windows:

  • Choose premium quality vinyl windows that will not damage from the elements. Quality vinyl will last for decades while low-end vinyl windows will only last 5-10 years, leading you to spend even more money to replace again down the road.
  • Install windows with insulated gas packages that include argon or krypton gases. These gases improve energy efficiency and can help save over $400 per year on energy bills.
  • Opt for professional window installation to improve performance and further reduce drafts.

Entry Door Replacement: 9% Boost in ROI

Compared to Cost vs Value 2018, fiberglass front door installation received a nice 9% increase with its ROI. Entry doors are now one of the highest ROIs for exterior remodeling this year. Specifically to the Boston market, homeowners can enjoy a 76% return on investment for upgrading with a new entry door. This is up from 67% compared to last year.

For the entire region of New England, the ROI of fiberglass entry doors is 79.6% with a national average of 71.9%.

Tips for Getting the Best ROI for Doors:

  • Choose quality fiberglass doors that will not rot, rust, or peel from exposure to moisture damage. Otherwise, the door can ultimately downgrade in value!
  • Install doors with Q-Lon weatherstripping to seal out moisture and drafts, keeping the home more energy efficient.
  • Make sure your door includes a polyurethane foam core to improve overall energy savings.
  • Wood entry doors did not make the list, indicating a poorer value in comparison to fiberglass doors or other exterior remodeling upgrades.Image of a ProVia entry door installed by Coastal Windows & Exteriors

Vinyl Siding Installation Nears 90% ROI

New Englanders can enjoy an ROI of 88.6% for quality vinyl siding replacement. For the Boston market, the average ROI comes in at 79.8%, which is slightly higher than the national average at 75%.

Tips for Getting the Best ROI for Vinyl Siding:

  • Install insulated vinyl siding panels to improve indoor comfort, resulting in roughly 5% in energy savings. The insulation helps block air from entering the cavities where it becomes trapped and causes energy bills to rise.
  • Vinyl siding is the best choice for resisting the growth of mold and mildew, which can cost over $2,000 to remove.
  • Upgrade to an additional barrier against the elements such as ChromaTrue—Coastal Windows & Exterior’s protective technology for vinyl siding. This layer provides essential protection for keeping the siding free of dings and abrasions through all seasons, preserving the beauty of your siding for a lifetime.

Roof Replacement Brings 75% ROI

Roof installation brings a healthy ROI of 75% for New England homeowners. In the Boston market, ROI is 64.4%.

Tips for Getting the Best ROI for Roofing:

  • Choose asphalt roofing over steel roofing. Asphalt’s ROI is 75% in New England compared to 68% with metal roofingcoastal windows doors
  • Invest in roof installation that’s resistant to high winds, especially for homes along the coast. After being tested in a laboratory setting, the shingles should be installed with zinc-coated nails that penetrate the roof deck by ¾” inch to resist high winds.
  • Roof replacement should include adequate ventilation for air circulation, resulting in lower energy bills. Ridge and soffit vents prevent air from becoming trapped in the attic which can overheat the home in the summer. The vents also prevent ice dams in the winter and reduce condensation in the attic for mold control.
  • GAF roofing systems, offered by Coastal Windows & Exteriors, are one of the most energy efficient roofing options in New England. They provide outstanding performance and incredible aesthetics for a lifetime.

Best and Worst Home Improvements in 2019

Feel confident knowing that you’re spending your money in the right places this year. This is a quick recap of the best and worst home improvements to make in 2019:

Best Home Improvements (Mid-range and Upscale):

  • Garage door replacement – 107%
  • Manufactured stone veneer – 93.8%
  • Vinyl siding replacement – 88.6%
  • Vinyl window replacement – 81%
  • Fiberglass entry door replacement – 79.6%
  • Asphalt roof replacement – 75%

Worst Home Improvements (Mid-range and Upscale):

  • Master suite addition – 51.9%
  • Bathroom addition – 55%
  • Backyard patio – 56.5%
  • Major kitchen remodel – 57.9%
  • Bath remodel – 60.9%
  • Steel entry door replacement – 63%
  • Metal roof replacement – 68%

Overall, the remodeling outlook remains positive for 2019, with big-ticket exterior projects and siding having the biggest increase since last year.

The best exterior remodeling products are engineered with high-quality materials, allowing a lifetime of performance, energy savings, and beauty. For questions about your exterior remodeling upgrade and getting the most value possible, contact Stephanie Vanderbilt at svanderbilt@mycoastalwindows.com.