check windows for air leakage

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★ Below, you’ll find out if your windows are causing your home to lose heat. Replacing drafty windows is one of the ways to save energy in your home. The best replacement windows in 2020 have an air infiltration rating of .03 or lower. This maximizes the amount of heat that will stay in your home during the winter. Windows with higher ratings make it easier for heat to escape.

★ Holiday Energy Tip: Drafty windows can account for up to 30% of energy loss in the home. The key is to learn how to fix drafty windows to reduce air leakage. Below, we’ll show you how to detect air leakage from your windows and stop drafts in their tracks. Remember the most effective approach is replacing old and drafty windows!

check your windows for air leakage

How to Fix & Detect Drafty Windows

We’ll show you a tried and true way to find drafts coming from your window. Keep in mind that drafts come from various places including the sash, the sill, the frame, and where the sash meets the sill.

detect drafty windows with a candle or match

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Detect Drafty Windows with a Candle or Match 

Hold a candle or match near the window to see if it flickers. If yes, the reason for inefficiency is air leakage. This blog explains everything you need to know about air leakage in your windows, including the technology behind draft-free windows.

If your windows are drafty, here’s what to do.

  • Make sure your windows are fully closed and locked to help seal the openings.
  • Make windows airtight by caulking around window frames as well as applying weatherstripping between the sash and window frame.
  • Consider replacing your windows! This will help ensure all areas of air leakage are addressed and your home feels comfortable all year long.

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