When it comes to exterior remodeling in MA and throughout New England, fall is full of potential for new projects. Not only will new replacement windows, vinyl siding, and other upgrades improve home performance, they’ll also give your curb appeal a boost while even increasing property value.

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If you’re seeking some inspiration for exterior upgrades this autumn, consider the following:

Replacement Windows in Unique Styles and Sizes

Window Replacement in MA can make nearly any home look more exciting this season. While traditional style windows such as double-hung or casement look beautiful, try something new and exciting with unique window styles, shapes, and sizes.

Some of the most unique window styles include:

  • Full circle
  • Quarter circle
  • Hexagon
  • Eyebrow
  • Pentagon

With so many beautiful home styles throughout New England, unique window styles are sure to complement most curb appeals in our region. Windows come in many different shapes and sizes, but let’s not forget another option for adding excitement to curb appeal: decorative glass and grids.

Opting for Decorative Glass and Grids

Another stunning upgrade you can make this autumn is by way of decorative glass and grids. Decorative glass windows got their start all the way back to 686 A.D., most commonly found in churches.

Today, homes throughout New England boast beautiful windows with varying types of decorative glass and grid designs.

Some of the most popular decorative glass designs include:

  • Floral
  • Privacy/obscure glass
  • Geometric
  • Prairie

In terms of decorative grids, the most popular options around New England include:

  • Colonial
  • Diamond
  • Craftsman

No matter how you decide to dress up your windows this autumn, remember that performance is just as important as style—if not more! Many homes boast original decorative windows, which are quaint and quite beautiful. The problem is that these windows are very inefficient and can result in very costly energy bills during the winter months.

When selecting new replacement windows in MA, regardless of window style and decorative features, you must ensure the products are energy efficient. The windows must include elements such as argon and krypton gas, which are vitally important for insulating and preventing energy loss.

It’s also best to choose house windows that include low-e—an invisible coating that naturally heats your home in the winter while keeping it cool in the summer.

Character-Enhancing Vinyl Siding Replacement

Do you live in a Victorian home? How about a Colonial or a Tudor? No matter your home style, a new vinyl siding installation brings your autumn curb appeal to upgrade full-circle with energy savings and eye-popping aesthetics.

One of the most popular options for New England-style siding is weathered shakes. This looks just like authentic wood cedar shakes without all the downsides to wood, such as warping, peeling, and rotting.

Whether you choose weathered shake or traditional vinyl siding panels, this is what you need to consider with this exterior upgrade:

  • Choose vinyl siding replacement engineered with the highest quality materials. This ensures that the siding won’t peel, rot, or chip.
  • Install vinyl siding with insulated panels. This helps to insulate your home all the way down to the wood studs and prevent heat loss during the winter.
  • Don’t take a DIY approach to vinyl siding installation. This act can void your warranty and result in drafts, lopsided panels, and performance failure.

While windows and siding are exciting exterior upgrades, adding small improvements to your landscaping can make a difference as well.

Add a Classic Touch of Autumn to Your Landscaping

Embrace the autumn season with classic fall elements for landscaping, such as mums in a variety of colors. Put pumpkins around your porch and walkway, and even consider carving out some jack-o-lanterns for an extra festive touch.

Upgrade Your Home for Autumn

The last day of summer is September Monday, September 23. Contact us now before the big rush begins! Upgrade your home for energy savings and indoor comfort through the fall season and beyond by calling us at 978-304-0495.