Some areas are expected to see frequent snowfalls, followed by bitter arctic air plunging temperatures to levels not seen in several years.  Forecasts are predicting the first “bite of winter” to come earlier than last year with frigid temperatures.  It’s time to act now…read on to prepare your home and protect your wallet.

Winter home exterior maintenance. Protect your Investment.

Is Your Home Winter Ready?  The Farmers’ Almanac came out with its winter weather predictions and it’s going to be – you guessed it – frigid. Winter home exterior maintenance is critical to protecting your home & your investment. Specifically, the almanac, an annual American periodical in publication since 1818, is calling our Coastal east coast area from York, Maine to the Greater Boston area, to the North Shore down to the South Shore of Massachusetts expect “hibernation zone, glacial, snow-filled late Fall/Winter.” Yikes!

“The big takeaway for our winter season forecast,” according to USA Today, “is that frigid temperatures should flow into the Northeast where homeowners will certainly be shaking and shivering!”   After a scorching summer, what better time to consider the drifts of snow and frigid winds on the horizon, right?

Unfortunately with Rising Energy Costs and a predicted Frigid Winter, we need to think about our winter heating bills.

Winter home exterior maintenance programs can save money on energy.

It’s time to assess your home and make sure it’s Winter-Ready.  Just like the Game of Thrones, Winter is Coming…this upcoming winter in Massachusetts is expected to have below-average temperatures and be slushy, icy, and snowy (and lots of it)!!

According to Mass Live, Massachusetts is poised for a colder, snowier winter than normal- expect “significant shivers” and a “slushy, icy, snowy” winter weather.  So, when will Fall deliver those chilly days? When will the first snowflakes fall? Read on…

Despite our extreme summer heat waves, the Farmers’ Almanac and Accuweather extended Fall and Winter forecasts call for lower-than-usual temperatures continuing through the rest of the year.   The first day of Fall, September 22, 2022 brings the start of cooler than normal Autumn temperatures in the Atlantic Corridor region, which runs from north of Boston to  Worcester and down the coast .  The first frost is predicted by AccuWeather early October, so make sure you take advantage of those prime autumn foliage colors  before then.

What does this cooler than normal temperatures mean for my home and heating bills?  Read on to find out!

How expensive will heating your home be in New England this year? Here’s what we know

Fall & Winter Extended Weather Forecast

Record high energy rates after this Summer’s heat crisis & current Forecasts will affect winter bills: National Grid announced 39% rate increase with natural gas starting November 1, 2022 for this coming winter heating season

  • According to the Energy Information Administration, Natural gas price volatility reached its highest level in 20 years at the beginning of 2022 and crude oil prices peaked to a 13-year high last March. The utility bills fluctuations have persisted, and we are still in uncertain times.
  • National Grid’s residential natural gas customers are forecasted to pay a 39% increase for the same amount of energy last winter- which was already high.
  • Sticker shock:  We are seeing daunting new rate approvals — anywhere between 39% to 200% increases with various energy companies.
  • Urging people to prepare for both residential increased rates that haven’t been seen in the state in at least two decades, if ever.
  • Eversource‘s energy service rate rose by 112%  “We’ve seen this coming for quite a while, I’ve been warning people we are looking at a very, very unhappy second half of 2022, especially the winter.  Natural gas is a volatile priced commodity.” 
  • Low inventory levels could lead to “super spike” in natural gas prices.

Now Time For The Weather- Fall First….

Frigid, Chilly, Cold Fall Ahead!

Fall Winter home exterior maintenance forecast

For Fall, forecasts show October will have wind, and showery days that will extend into November with colder weather and snow.  In early December, temperatures will fall below normal throughout February.  Snow will fall more often than in the average winter with the heaviest weeks of precipitation coming later in the winter, in January and late February.

Farmers’ Almanac Releases An Extreme Winter Forecast For 2022-23…Are You Ready To Shake, Shiver, And Shovel?

Fall & Winter Extended Weather Forecast

What kind of winter is predicted for 2022 in Massachusetts? Signs Of A Hard Winter Ahead

Farmers’ Almanac predicts Northeast residents could be sent “hibernating” by frigid temperatures and a season filled with snow. It’s going to be a cold hard start to winter.  Read on to learn what to expect and how to prepare your home for winter.

Get Ready To Bundle Up, The Farmers Almanac is Predicting Below Average Temperatures This Winter In Massachusetts!

The Checklist for New England Homeowners

How Cold? Due to a diminished Solar Cycle, expect shivery temperatures are predicted to rattle and send shivers with an overall forecast of brisk temperatures predicted to people in Northeast.  The latest indications are that the current Triple La Niña could persist all the way through the upcoming winter with bone-chilling cold and loads of snow.

Shovel Worthy  The Farmers’ Almanac suggests a stormy winter with a combo of snow and slush (recipe for Ice dams!) is on schedule especially for the eastern half of the country. January is expected to bring the true cold and snow. The almanac called for snow in several bursts in January and February.  One of the causes will be the Triple La Nina as a main driver of weather especially during late fall, winter and early spring with weather extremes.  According to Fox News, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released an updated outlook on 9/8/22 that said there was a 91% chance the pattern would be in control through November and continues strong through March 2023.

Coastal’s Winter Forecast:  Tales of Shivery & Snowy Winter Mixed with a Flurry of High Energy Bills.

Is your Home Winter Ready? Coastal home exterior maintenance programs and tips can help!

Coastal Windows & Exteriors as well as National Grid is encouraging you to do all you can this winter in protecting your home exterior maintenance and lower your energy bills with even following this simple tip for every 1 degree a thermostat is set back, homeowners can save 1% to 3% on their annual heating costs.  Interested in learning how you can save on your energy bills with energy-efficient, Roofing, Windows, Siding and Doors?  Contact us HERE to learn more