saveenergybillsnowYou may not think so, but even in the middle of the winter you can lower your heating bills. We’ve put together five tips to help cut your energy bill by 20% or more…

1.  Install a programmable Wi-Fi thermostat. Have you seen the amazing Honeywell programmable smart thermostat? You can actually win a chance to win one by signing up to receive our blogs.  This smart new technology allows you to lower the thermostat during the day when no one is at home and while you are sleeping. You can program it to your lifestyle and it will even figure out how long it takes for your home to reach your desired temperature! Going to be home late? You can  You can save up to $40/year with using one of these.

2.  Get a tune up for your heating and cooling system. Schedule a professional tune-up of your heating and cooling system and also remember to change out your air filters to increase efficiency.

3.  Seal doors & windows tight. Make sure you use good quality weather-stripping around your windows & doors. You can also use paintable caulk around doors and windows to stop air leaks and reduce energy loss. John Teheen Master Electrician reminds us not to forget to use gaskets in electrical boxes in exterior walls as they are known for a huge loss of air leakage.

4.  Use a space heater. Rather than heating the entire house to your desired temperature, use an electrical small space heater in the area where you spend most of your day so you can turn down the thermostat. You’ll be warm & cozy and your furnace won’t work as much.

5.  Lower Your Water Heating Costs. Your water heater can account for up to 25% of the energy consumed in your home so turn down the temperature (120°F). This will save you money and also avoid scalding your hands.

The energy industry is a competitive business so make sure you shop around. Negotiate with energy suppliers to find the best deal on electricity and service for your needs. Read for more tips on saving money on electricity bills  this winter so you can feel more comfortable in your home and with your wallet.

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