With spring in swing, you’re likely tackling a list of home upgrades as the weather turns warm. Replacing your home’s siding during the spring months offers an instant boost in curb appeal, along with a myriad of other benefits.

With vinyl siding offering a Return on Investment of 81.7%, this is one of the reasons why New England homeowners should consider replacing siding right now!

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Improve Home Performance For Hot Summer Weather

It’s no secret that our climate is tough and variable. It might be favorable weather in the spring, but the average summer temperature in New England ranges between 80 and 90 degrees F. Replacing your home’s siding during the spring can improve performance, including an increase in long-term durability and superior protection from the sun and heat.

How does this work? The chemical makeup of your home’s new vinyl siding makes it resistant to heat and fading from the sun. Even with dark colors, an advanced UV application will keep your siding looking bright and vibrant.

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Insulated siding panels can help regulate indoor temperatures, lowering your home’s energy costs.

Create an Incredible Color Palette for Curb Appeal

Does your home’s exterior need a boost?

Perhaps it’s showing signs of age, which can include peeling paint, loose panels, and rot when it comes to wood siding.

When you opt to replace siding in the spring, you get a brand new slate for custom curb appeal. Exterior Portfolio by Royal Building Products offers an array of colors to choose from, including the ever-popular indigo.

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Both contemporary and traditional color options are available. No matter the architecture or age of your home, replacing siding on a house in the spring can significantly elevate your home’s curb appeal.

While there are plenty of siding color options available, you can also select from numerous siding styles. Vinyl cedar shakes give a hand-split appearance, while traditional panels can create timeless curb appeal. You can also enhance your home exterior with vinyl scallops around window gables and eaves.

Wood siding needs regular maintenance to keep it looking beautiful. This includes sanding and staining or painting. And with an average price tag of $12,500 to as much as $45,000, painting your home’s exterior isn’t cheap. There’s also the possibility of needing several thousand dollars in repairs before painting can even begin.

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And in 5 or 6 years, it’ll need to be repaired and painted again. Imagine the thousands of dollars invested that chips and peels away from sun exposure.

This doesn’t happen with vinyl siding. It’s engineered to resist the elements, never needing sanding, staining, or painting. Vinyl siding is a hands-free, maintenance-free exterior upgrade that will be beautiful for life.

Best of all, you don’t need to spend a dime on paint!

Get New Siding Installed on Your Home in 2 Weeks

Great news! We have siding in stock and ready to install in as little as TWO WEEKS.

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Our stock siding comes in a beautiful palette of colors, profiles, and textures. With the in-stock siding option, you can:

  • Take advantage of the warm look and beautiful colors of cedar siding without having to deal with the hassle of high maintenance.
  • Add character and charm to any home with vinyl siding, shingle and shakes.
  • Order the right specialty siding for your home in quantities that are perfect for accents or whole-house applications.
  • Replicate the look of real cedar siding with an innovative PVC material that requires very little maintenance.
  • The authentic curb appeal of cedar comes from a product that is easy to install and even easier for homeowners to enjoy for years to come.

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Replacing Your Home’s Siding in the Spring: Why You Should Book Now

Why Spring Is The Best Time For Home Improvements

  • Great Weather & Longer Days: It is the perfect weather! Colder weather can delay projects from snow and ice. The warmer months offer the ideal environment for outdoor work, especially for roofing materials that require higher temperatures to seal, and the spring sun offers the perfect source.
  • Contractor Availability: Days are also longer in the spring so the workers will have more time to work, which can shorten the project duration.
  • Energy Savings: Install now to help prevent high energy bills.
  • Curb Appeal: Enjoy your beautiful American Dream Home NOW!
  • Fast-Tracked: Get your projects completed before the summer rush. Choose our in-stock siding and have it installed in just 2 weeks!

We’re standing by to give you a quote for new vinyl siding replacement! We offer high-performance vinyl siding that can withstand our hot summers and freezing winters. And they come in a variety of beautiful colors!