Warm weather inspires homeowners to remodel their homes during the summer months. When homeowners ask us where to begin with their summer home remodeling, I often think of the following questions to help me best decide what summer home renovations I want to tackle:

  • What will I enjoy designing and working on?
  • What will bring top ROI?
  • What can enhance the curb appeal of my home?

We know you want your home to look its Summer Best, so here is some helpful information to help you answer these questions.

Based on the 2021 Cost vs Value Report, we found many of the projects this summer topped the charts with an average 72.05% ROI.

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Cost Vs Value 2021

We at Coastal believe in the American Dream that we live in a home that keeps us safe and warm- and a roof over our heads. We want you to enjoy your American Dream Home this summer so let’s look at this list to see which home remodeling projects are best for you to do. Consider these summer home renovations this season!

Summer Home Renovations: Roof Remodeling

We’re going to start at the top of the list! Literally. Roofing is always an important summer project, largely because having a functional roofing system is so vital in the colder months. There is potential for ice dams, irregular temperatures in your attic, and increased crack and mold opportunities. Plus, it’s just harder to perform the job in the winter with slick and freezing conditions.

ROI: With a GAF Roofing System, you can recoup 64.8% of your investment in resale value by having a certified GAF Master Elite factory-direct certified installer (3% in USA) offer 25 year workmanship warranty and lifetime on the shingles!

Curb Appeal: According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), a new roof is one of the upgrades that brings homeowners joy. NAR’s joy score lists roofing as one of the best investments for joy and financial return.

summer home remodeling tips

Do you need a new roof this summer season? Take a look at these top roof warning signs: moldy attic, algae on the roof, cracked rafters, curling shingles & ice dams.

Window Remodeling

The second of the summer home renovations projects you may want to tackle is replacing your old windows with new energy-efficient windows. Window replacement in Beverly is a smart decision as it adds home value while decreasing energy bills with the bonus of adding major curb appeal to your home.

On top of being very shiny and appealing, they offer a U-Factor as low as .16, have the lowest air infiltration rates in the industry, and a metal-free warm edge super spacer that drastically reduces heat loss. Advancements in window technology over the past decade make these replacement windows the best choice for overall durability and energy efficiency. The heat loss and insulation factors are a huge part of why windows are considered an ideal summer project, considering it also helps keep your cool air in as we go into the warmer months…and cut your energy bills!

ROI: With our vinyl replacement windows, you can lock in up to a 72.9% resale value on your windows while saving up to 40% your electricity bill, as well.

Curb Appeal: There are many tips in purchasing windows, but the key factors for curb appeal is to choose premium grade insulated 100% virgin vinyl frames (not wood), and use decorative panes and low-e coated glass. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), window projects pretty much pay for themselves with an 80% ROI. Did you know 66% of all real estate listings mention new energy-efficient windows?

Foggy windows indicate seal failure which downgrades performance levels

Do you need new replacement windows this summer? Take a look at the top window warning signs: Seal failure (foggy), outdated, moldy, and drafty windows.

Siding Remodeling

Upgrading your siding has multiple benefits. Energy efficiency, curb appeal, noise reduction & wind resistance. Summer is a prime time to change your whole look and give your home a complete facelift! Exterior Portfolio’s top rated vinyl siding is a foam back insulated siding that reduces thermal conductivity and comes with lifetime labor and product warranty that includes protection from fading, protection from nature (rot, warp, shrink) and insects, and…45% noise reduction. What’s not to love?

ROI: You can get up 81.7% resale value for your home for insulated vinyl siding. Did you know when grouped by job type, replacement projects such as window and siding jobs (72-81% ROI) performed better than kitchen and bath remodels (60-65% ROI)? This is due to curb appeal, rising new-home prices, energy efficiency and job size. Those same benefits regarding cutting down your energy bills this summer can be applied to siding.

Curb Appeal: A siding upgrade can boost property value as it’s a major contributor in enhancing curb appeal. When you install new siding on your house, it has a 83% value recovery. Did you know 82% buyers decline to look inside a house based on the exterior appearance? Make sure your siding is top notch!


Do you need to replace your exterior siding this summer? Check out the top siding warning signs: Frequent repainting, warped, faded, mold/mildew, and wood rot!

Door Remodeling

It’s a no brainier that replacing your doors as your summer home renovation can reduce your energy bills and increase your home’s value, right? Have no worries in finding the right look for the front entry door in Beverly when you can choose any color in the Sherwin William Catalog! Here is the link of top door colors! It is always a fun and creative endeavor. Did you know that real estate agents feel that 90% of a buyer’s first impression of the front entry was important to their ability to sell a home?

The front door makes a strong impression on visitors and there are so many maintenance free style and can simulate the look of wood. Want to add more light to your home- install a patio door. Replacing old patio doors with high-quality energy-efficient new sliding glass doors can offer a lifetime of new doors can offer security, energy efficiency and style.

ROI: Do you want to retain up to a whopping 68.8% of resale value on an investment? Yes you do! Looking into getting a new entry or patio door is the way to go! In fact, four of the top five gains in cost recouped were for upscale projects. Topping the list was the fiberglass entry door. Just make sure it’s a custom fit and properly measured so you can recoup those energy savings!

Curb Appeal: 56% of realtors advise sellers to update their front entry door for this reason…first impressions! Replacing your front entry door is one of the top- if not most- enhancements one can make to increase curb appeal. When doing a door remodel, make sure you look at matching the style of your home and add great features such as period style hardware, adding sidelites/transom for more light. Lastly, welcome visitors with a fabulous welcome mat for that ultimate welcoming experience!


Do you need a new entry door this summer season? See the top door warning signs: difficult to open/close, drafty, warping/cracking and rot.

Summer Home Renovations: Get Started Now

Time to get a jump start on having the American Dream Home this summer! Summer is the time to let freedom ring with new roofing, siding, windows, entry and patio door, and bath systems that will make your home sparkle with shine and energy efficiency & savings!

Coastal Windows & Exteriors wants to do our part in helping you get the most out of your home to help make your summer dreams a reality. Contact Us Today for a FREE Estimate so we can get your dreams rolling. We look forward to seeing you this summer!

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