If your roof is relatively new, and a few shingles have blown off, then replacing those missing shingles could be a good option to extend the life of your roof. Contact your roofer and request that they follow up with their lifetime warranty which is what we offer here at Coastal Windows & Exteriors.  It’s also important to note that if a section of your roof has been damaged for some time, the underlying damage may be more extensive than meets the eye as this can cause mold, moisture, and mildew in your attic as well as rafter damage in your home.

This can also lead to ice dams which can cause costly and unhealthy damage to your home.  It is important to have a roofing professional inspect your entire roof for potential damage. Finally, consider the total cost of the repair vs the entire roof. In the long term, it may be less expensive to replace your entire roof in one shot, instead of replacing one section now and the rest of the roof later. The number one thing you should consider here is your warranty and how that protects your home.  Look for a transferable lifetime warranty with 25 years labor workmanship warranty.  This way, you are guaranteed for any minor repairs for a lifetime and can be worry-free. Learn about the roofing system your home should have and the warranty to back up the work we do.