Remember last winter? The endless days of merciless cold, ice and snow? I won’t lie there are two words that are not allowed to be used in my house: Polar Vortex. I can’t stand being cold and why did they have to coin a term for it?  Now, I read last winter’s intense cold is making a comeback and we can expect a sequel…are you kidding me? Here we go Polar Vortex 2.

So what do you need to conquer it?  You will need to be armored with the best tool – a good shovel. What makes the best shovel you ask? I did the research for you on best snow shovels so you don’t have to.

You also want to make sure you remove the snow off your roof to prevent ice dams and excess weight on your roof. Contact us to remove snow off your roof to protect your home.

Even if you own a snow blower, and if you’re like my husband, David, who uses every excuse to use it and wear this hat you will still need a shovel. You will need to get into those tight spaces and your steps.

best snow shovelerTips for Picking out the BEST Snow Shovel:

Snow Play: Make sure you are safe and bend your knees with a straight back.

Give it a “D”: Prepare to spend at least $35 for a D-shaped handle with a bend which is easier to handle.

Go for the Curve: A shovel with a curve helps clear snow faster. And lets face it-you don’t want to be outside for that long, do you?

Material World: Go for a fiber-core handle because it is lighter than wood and metal. Plus, whenever I use a metal one and it gets stuck it’s like nails-on-a-chalkboard!

Shoveling Tip: Nanny was right…Nothing olive oil cannot cure! Put some on your shovel before you start and it helps ice slide off your shovel. It also works on sticky doors!

We hope you found our tips for picking out the best shovel helpful! If you need help removing snow off your home’s roof this winter, please contact us today (888) 812-2783! Remember, heavy snow can cause structural problems for your roof AND ice dams!