It’s yet another frigid winter ahead, according to the Farmers’ Almanac along with the Winter Window Replacement Checklist. The weather here in New England is going to be a hibernation zone with a glacial and snow-filled winter in our cold climate. Get ready to shake, shiver, and shovel!

Unfortunately, it’s more bad news when it comes to energy bills. We’re dealing with record high energy rates with an 85% increase in heating bills. The timing couldn’t be any worse as we head into a frigid winter. Just this last weekend we had -8 degrees! Brrrr!

Winter House

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Now is the time to double down with your fall maintenance checklist and focus on your windows. Getting your windows winter-ready now will help you manage your energy use during the coldest months ahead. Instead of constantly cranking up the thermostat, you can minimize your energy consumption without breaking the bank. Best of all, high efficiency windows can help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

How to maintain windows and when it’s time to replace them in Winter.

Check for Drafts

Window and curtain

Did you know that inefficient windows can lose up to 30% of your home’s energy? One place to determine the performance of your windows is in terms of draftiness, otherwise known as air infiltration. Heat can escape through various points of your windows including:

  • The sash
  • The sill
  • Where the sash meets the sill

If you notice drafts in these areas, it’s time to consider replacement as there is not a sufficient seal against the elements. Our windows are 23 times more airtight than most of our competitors, coming with a .01 CFM rating. Only a solid wall is 100% airtight against cold winter weather, but our windows come very close!

Meanwhile, if you are putting plastic over your windows to keep out the cold drafts, this is a major red flag that you must replace your windows NOW. Window replacements in your New England home will help cut down on drafts while staying cozy.

Beware of Foggy Windows

foggy window

On this winter maintenance checklist, foggy windows might be a serious matter that needs your attention. Condensation is normal in several instances, but not when the fog won’t wipe away. 

This happens because the fog is inside the glass panes in an area that can’t be accessed, as the seal on the inside has failed. Cloudy windows signal poor performance, and the only way to correct the situation is by replacement. This ensures that the energy-efficient gasses within remain enclosed between the panes, reducing heat transfer during the winter. 

If your windows are foggy and they won’t wipe clean, know that they are not sufficiently insulating your home.

Check Your Winter Energy Bills- How Much Did They Go Up?

Are your energy bills sky high? This is a sign that your windows aren’t properly performing. Unfortunately, your energy bills won’t be much better this winter—and they will likely be even worse.

Man checking energy bill and thinking why energy bill is high

That’s because natural gas and electricity costs are skyrocketing. We’re in an energy crisis which is a global issue, but the fact is that this situation will affect New England Homeowners.  The National Energy Assistance Directors Association (NEADA) estimates the average family may pay more than $1,200 to heat their home this winter

If you use electricity to heat or cool your home, there is bleak news for this category as well. Electricity costs rose 64% on November 1, 2022, according to National Grid. 

While we can’t control gas or electricity costs, you can control the type of replacement windows you choose. For example, upgrading single pane windows to energy-efficient windows can help you save money to the tune of $583 per year.

Window Frames are Rotted, Cracked, or Moldy

A cracked, rotted and moldy window for repair

Old wood windows need a lot of maintenance. If you discover problems such as warping, mold, or rot, it’s time to replace them before winter arrives. This is because your windows will begin to deteriorate, if they haven’t already. 

Windows in this condition also can’t properly insulate your home. If your windows are rotting and warped, you are probably seeing light around the frame of your windows. New vinyl replacement windows correctly fitted for your home will improve structural integrity and reduce drafts. 

Meanwhile, window frames constructed from vinyl with foam in the hollow cavities provide an excellent layer of insulation. Dead air space inside window cavities won’t bring comfort or energy savings. That’s why foam is filled in areas such as the sashes to increase thermal efficiency. This can lead to lower energy bills in the winter and a more comfortable home.

Your Windows Rattle in the Wind

Window Rattling from the Wind

It’s winter and it’s windy—can your windows handle it? If you hear your windows literally rattle in the wind, this is a red flag that it’s time for replacement. 

You’ll need to find windows that can withstand water and wind impact. This is the key to keeping your home comfortable, warm, and dry. New windows are tested for water resistance and sprayed with a continuous stream of pressurized water. The top windows can withstand winds of up to 56 mph and 8” of water per hour, which is 70% over the minimum industry requirements. 

Your Windows Won’t Lock

Rusty Window won't lock

If your windows won’t lock, this is both a security problem and an energy savings problem. A correctly-functioning window lock is necessary for enforcing the seal of the window. It closes up the small gaps that will otherwise allow air leakage and heat loss.

Meanwhile, your windows must lock to keep your family safe! A study on window security habits shows that 53% of people leave their windows unlocked, while 10% of people don’t think an open window poses a security risk. Unfortunately, an unlocked window is essentially an open door for theft and burglaries, especially with the upcoming holiday season.

An Energy Crisis is Happening Now: Act Fast to get Massachusetts Window Replacement

Winter in New England is in full swing…brrrrr! It is important to get your home protected from cold temperatures, snow, and ice. The Farmer’s Almanac continues to predict frequent snowfall and bitter arctic air. Meanwhile, energy bills and heating costs have increased by up to 85%. 

By booking an appointment for new windows now, there’s no need to worry about window performance, security, or energy bills during the winter season. We offer the best replacement windows for cold climates, certified by Energy Star to keep your home comfortable.

We are happy to serve homeowners throughout the North Shore, such as Swampscott, Topsfield, Andover, Woburn, and many other communities. Contact us now for a free quote.  

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