Living in New England, there are many styles of homes that incorporate old wood siding but traditional wood siding has many expensive maintenance problems.

Want the look of natural wood without the headaches?  Vinyl siding that looks like wood gives peace of mind since it is durable and maintenance-free. Our vinyl siding protects your home for a lifetime.

Wood Requires Work & $$$wood requires work

During the hot and wet spring and summer season, moisture can absorb into the old and untreated wood siding. This requires extra home maintenance and costly repairs.

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  • Painting & staining every 3-4 years

painting and staining wood siding

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After that expense, it will still flake, peel, and chip

fading siding from sun damage

Then it will continue to fade from exposure to harsh UV rays

insects causing damage on siding

And it will continually attract insects that cause damage

Who wants to keep up with that maintenance and Expense?

When you want to keep the classic curb appeal of your New England home, consider vinyl siding that looks like wood.

There are many benefits of vinyl siding along with looks like wood, and they are all designed to enhance the value of your home while making it a beautiful gathering place for your friends and family.

wood siding versus vinyl siding

Vinyl Siding that Looks Like Wood: No More Home Maintenance

The best part of choosing vinyl siding that looks like wood is that there is no home maintenance involved!

vinyl siding that looks like wood

Vinyl siding that looks like wood makes it easy to maintain in the fall as well as in other seasons. It is the ultimate time-saving exterior option that stands the test of time.

  • Quality vinyl siding consists of UV-resistant properties that prevent fading from the sun‘s rays along with degradation. Sun and heat can cause premature damage to wood siding.
  • You will automatically save money because you will never need to paint your vinyl exterior. Painting your wood siding can be pricey, and you can expect to spend up to $8,700. Remember that you never own a paint job!
  • Not only will you save money, but you’ll also save time. Wood siding needs to be painted about once every 3 years.
  • Traditional wood siding can chip, peel, or appear old and worn over the years. Since there is no need to paint vinyl siding, you can count on your new upgrade to look beautiful for life.

Incredibly Mold, Moss, Mildew, and Moisture Resistant: Perfect for Spring and Summer Weather

moss, mold, and mildew resistant siding

When you live in a variable climate like New England, it’s almost a guarantee that some aspects of your exterior will experience moisture damage. This is especially true in the spring and summer, as we experience a lot of rain that seeps into wood siding.

However, this is avoidable if you choose vinyl siding that looks like wood.

  • Vinyl siding is engineered to repel moisture away. Since it is non-porous, there is no way for moisture to penetrate into the panels and result in rot.
  • Furthermore, vinyl siding will not promote mold and mildew growth. This is because it is not an organic material and will not allow mold and mildew to feed and flourish.
  • When you invest in vinyl siding that looks like wood, you can eliminate the potential expense of removing mold or mildew from your siding.

Mold removal on wood siding can cost a maximum amount of $6,000, and replacing a portion of old wood siding is often more trouble than it’s worth. This is because you are promoting potential mold growth to happen again in the future.

Looks Just Like Real, Organic Woodreal wood siding vs vinyl shake cedar

This is the whole point, right? You get to enjoy quality and beautiful siding that looks just like organic wood.

You can give your home an upgrade with these vinyl siding style options:

vinyl siding panels

Traditional vinyl siding panels

Hand-split and weathered shakes

Hand-split and weathered shakes

Vinyl scallops

Vinyl scallops

  • Traditional vinyl siding panels with lifelike wood grain details. It looks like traditional wood siding, including texture with the wood grain.
  • Weathered wood siding. A hot trend in New England, weathered wood siding give a hand-split appearance—looking like it’s centuries-old even though it’s brand new.
  • Beautiful vinyl scallops. Inspired from the Victorian era, vinyl scallops beautifully highlight areas of your home such as eave edges and window gables.

Plenty of Color Options Available

Don’t feel boxed in by vinyl siding because you can’t paint. We have a rainbow of vinyl siding colors available, both classic and contemporary, to make your vinyl siding upgrade look beautiful for life.

vinyl siding colors

Environmentally Friendly Exterior Option

Unlike wood, vinyl siding is environmentally friendly for a variety of reasons.

  • There is no harvesting of trees to produce your new vinyl siding, even though it looks like real wood.
  • Some of the most popular wood siding options include Redwood and cedar. Not only do these trees need to be harvested, but they must also be transported from their location to New England for installation.
  • Vinyl siding cuts down on the transportation costs of these trees. Redwood trees are primarily found in California, which is a long trek from there to New England.
  • It requires minimal water to engineer and conserves resources.

With insulated vinyl siding panels, you can also reduce energy bills and use less energy in the home.

How Vinyl Siding Enhances Your Home

Vinyl siding has a hands-down advantage on performance, lifespan, and style. According to Cost vs. Value, it has a higher return on investment in comparison to wood.

Vinyl siding is also a high-performance and energy-efficient option, making it an excellent rival against wood siding. This is because of quality vinyl siding:

  • Is insulated with a foam layer, giving it more thermal efficiency than the wood siding on its own.
    • Insulated down to the wood studs, where energy is easily lost in traditional foam siding due to lack of foam insulation.
    • Neopor insulation via Craneboard provides up to 19% better R-value than regular foam insulation, yielding incredible performance results.
    • Solid Core via Cranboard includes the Smart Track system with moisture management ridges. This ensures that your exterior remains dry and doesn’t break down from moisture damage, which ultimately impacts performance.
  • Makes your home more comfortable and beautiful.

optimal engineered performance siding

Enjoy performance benefits such as:

  • Highest R-Value in the industry with panels up to 1 ½” thick
  • Industry’s thickest insulation reduces thermal bridging which reduces utility costs and provides a warm home
  • 5x impact resistance
  • Energy Gap Protection with RidgidLock and True Foam protects against energy loss

Our highly engineered thermal wall system provides exceptional durability and strength to withstand New England’s weather while safeguarding your home against energy loss.

Get Vinyl Siding that Looks Like Wood: Say Goodbye to Home Maintenance!

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