If you are searching for the answer to what is the best time of year to replace windows, you’re likely wondering if one season is advantageous over the other.

The truth is that each season provides great reasons to replace your windows! Since windows are installed all year long, let’s see why spring is a spectacular time of year for window replacement in MA.

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Spring Means Curb Appeal Updates

Spring is perhaps the most popular time of year to make home improvement upgrades, including window replacement. Here in New England, there is pride in homeownership at every turn—and new windows can give an ample upgrade to your exterior.

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Selecting Windows to Style Your Curb Appeal

If your goal is to improve the look of your home, you’re in luck with many window styles available today. We engineer custom windows that capture the true architectural features of New England homes. This keeps the exterior of your home looking authentic as possible without losing character.

  • Double-hung windows complement most architectural styles for New England homes. They are essentially the little black dress for window styles. Typically wider than tall, these windows adorn many architectures including Colonial, Cape Cod, Ranch, and Victorian.
  • Casement windows are a spinoff of the classic double-hung window, featuring a crank-out handle for operation. Similar in shape to the double-hung, these windows also add curb appeal to many types of homes including Tudors and Craftsman.
  • Picture windows allow ample amounts of sunlight into the home. Since they are engineered of mostly all glass, these look stunning in contemporary home styles. Although picture windows don’t provide ventilation, they are excellent insulators when installed by a professional.
  • Geometric windows are a stunning upgrade for homeowners wanting extra character for their curb appeal. Geometric styles include circle, oval, trapezoid, eyebrow, quarter-round, and more.

Check out our page on the different window types to learn more.

Replacement windows are known for improving curb appeal all throughout New England. Choose 100% virgin vinyl window frames, made of the highest quality PVC. This ensures that the windows do not peel, chip, rot, or warp which can immediately downgrade your curb appeal.

Reduce Mold, Improve Indoor Air Quality

Springtime can be a damp time of year, bringing excess moisture that can increase the chance of mold growth.

Mold growth can occur when moisture makes its way through several entry points of the window, including the frame, the sash, and where the sash meets the sill. If left undetected, eventually mold can grow on different areas of the window frames, sill, and even the walls.

New windows protect against mold with a moisture-resistant seal. With professional window installation, moisture is unable to creep through entry points of the window and cause issues such as mold growth. Wood window frames are also affected by moisture with peeling paint and even wood rot.

New residential windows can improve the air quality in your home in the following ways:residential windows

  • According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, one of the best ways to improve indoor air quality is with ventilation. After a long winter of running your HVAC system, fresh air isn’t coming into your home. When weather permits, you can open your windows to get fresh air inside. Some of the best windows for ventilation are casement windows and slide windows.
  • Furthermore, opening your windows and simultaneously running fans can further improve air quality. Switch your fan to rotate in a counterclockwise direction for the spring and summer months!
  • New windows are easy to open and slide operate quite easily. If you are struggling to open and close your current windows, it’s a sign that window replacement is in order.
  • For best results on reducing moisture and drafts, choose windows with the lowest CFM rating of air leakage per minute. For example, Coastal Windows & Exteriors offers a window with a .01 CFM rating as opposed to Pella or Andersen windows with .12-.30 CFM.

While new windows can prevent mold growth and improve air quality, they can also help reduce allergens in the home.

If your windows are drafty, they can potentially help pollen make its way inside. Professionally installed windows are airtight and allow little-to-no pollen to pass through!

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So, what is the best time of year to replace windows? The answer is now! Appointments are filling up fast. Waiting too long to book will push your project into late summer or even autumn! By booking now, you can take advantage of our popular promotion deals.

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