How Is Your Home Doing This Winter?

winter home checklist

Winter in New England is in full swing…brrrrr! It is important to get your home protected for the cold temperatures, snow, and ice. The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting heavy snowfall throughout this winter. Is your home ready? Use our Winter Home Checklist to find out! At Coastal Windows & Exteriors, we provide our customers with energy efficient, durable, and beautiful Windows, Roofing, and Vinyl Siding.  Protecting your thermal envelope is our #1 priority- as this prevents high energy bills & makes you warm in your home!

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Protect Your Home This Winter

Your Winter Home Checklist

1. Do You Have High Energy Bills? 

high energy billsAre your energy bills high? If so, this is a sign that your house’s thermal envelope is not adequately sealed. This will result in hot air entering during the summer and cold air during the winter. Having Energy Efficient Windows will save you money on your energy bills year after year with their lowest air infiltration rate in the industry.

2. Are Your Roof Shingles Curled, Missing, or Buckled? buckled roof shingles

Stand in your yard and look up at your roof. If you see curled, missing, or buckled shingles, this is a sign that your roof has aged and may be exposed to the elements, especially rain, snow, and wind which can cause mildew and mold and wreak havoc in your home including ice dams as well.  In fact, your roof may be prone to loose shingles during storms with strong winds.

3. Do You Have Drafty Windows? 

Do you feel drafts when you stand near your windows? This is a sign that your windows are not tightly sealed. Poorly sealed windows are usually the result of low quality or age. Our high performing windows have double or triple-paned glass containing an argon or krypton gas, advanced polyurethane frame insulation as well as triple weather-stripping seals for top efficiency performance. These windows will make your home warmer and more comfortable while lowering your energy bills.

4. Is Your Siding Chipping and Peeling?

check for chipping and peeling siding using our winter home checklist

If your siding is chipping and peeling, its time to think about vinyl maintenance free siding.  Especially if you have high energy bills, think about having foam enhanced siding which protects heat and energy escaping through your home’s walls.  This cuts down on the energy you lose- keeping heat where it belongs…inside your home.   Vinyl Siding never needs painting, wont warp, buckle sag- always looks fresh!

5. Is Your Attic the Same Temperature as Outside? 

cold attic

Go into your attic and compare the temperature to that of outside. A properly ventilated attic will be the same temperature as outside. If your attic is warmer or colder than outside, this means that there is not enough airflow in your attic. Outside, do you see  blistering or peeling exterior  as this is another sign that your attic is not properly ventilated. A poorly ventilated attic will cause the temperature of your attic to skyrocket during the summer and dramatically drop during the winter, impacting the temperature of your whole home and increasing your heating and cooling bills. The air in your attic needs to move and if it doesnt the buildup can damage your shingles.  An attic without good ventilation is usually the result of an old roof that wasn’t properly ventilated, and may indicate that your roof needs to be replaced. Make sure you have a vapor barrier and the appropriate amount of roof vents for your home.  Not sure, contact us and we can help.

At Coastal Windows & Exteriors, we want to help you make sure your home is protected this winter  making your home as energy efficient and safe as possible. Need financing help?  We got you covered.  We offer 0% financing plans with No Money Down.  If you would like to discuss your home exterior project and financing, click here or call 978-817-7072 for more information.