Ready for a feel-good story? You might remember that we donated a free roof to a local veteran over the summer of 2023. It’s now the season of giving, and we’ve teamed up with our friends at GAF to give yet another free, winter-ready roof to a veteran in Rowley. On November 8, 2023, we installed our fourth roof under our Roofs for Heroes program. Not gonna lie–we are pretty proud and oh-so excited for our veteran.

Meet Bill Kelly: Rowley veteran needed a new roof

Let’s salute Bill Kelly–a retired U.S. Coast Guard vet, is the guy getting the new roof this time.

His old roof was in rough shape. Think of leaks, mold, and elephant-sized ice dams in winter. With a tough winter coming up, this new roof couldn’t come at a better time for Bill.

But for Bill, his roofing situation became much better. With new roof installation, his Rowley home became a more efficient, warmer, and safer place to live.

When Bill found out he was getting this new roof, he was totally speechless (and if you know Bill, that’s saying something!). He’s relieved to no longer deal with the unpleasant conditions of a failing roof.

Bill’s ready for any weather with a winter-ready roof

We want to mention that we didn’t slap on any old roof to Bill’s home. This is our state-of-the-art roofing system, made by GAF and installed by Coastal Windows & Exteriors. It’s designed to stop leaks, fight off moisture, and keep the attic cool to avoid ice dams–a real problem in New England winters.

Check out the blog here to see if your roof is winter-ready.

About our Roofs for Heroes initiative

Roofs for Heroes

Supporting our veterans is a major community mission for Stephanie Vanderbilt, owner of Coastal and founder of our Roofs for Heros program. With costs of living on the rise, we started Roofs for Heroes to protect the homes of those who’ve protected our country. And with a harsh winter on the horizon, this help is more important than ever!

We’ve recently snagged some awards like the Best of the North Shore (BONS) and have top rankings in Massachusetts and New England.

In 2022, CWE even won the Minuteman Service Award for helping military and veteran communities. None of this is to brag–we are just very passionate about veterans and our community. We work hard to make a real difference, one roof at a time!