Your entry door has a tall order to fill. It needs to block out the elements and keep your home cozy and warm during the New England winters. It also needs to add a layer of security to your home and block out unwanted drafts, all while remaining durable and beautiful.

One of the key components to an entry door’s performance is material. The wrong material choice can result in a shorter lifespan for your door and fewer dollars in your bank account.
Front entry door designs
Below we will review the most common types of entry door materials.

Do Steel Entry Doors Steal Your Heart?

Steel is becoming an increasingly popular material door option for homeowners all around New England. This material can make a significant impact on your home’s curb appeal at a less expensive price point. New steel doors are also known for being secure and energy-efficient.

Old steel doors with a full wood frame and steel veneer got a bad wrap as they were prone to denting, scratching, and rust. New high-quality steel doors have been designed to prevent these issues and are actually warrantied against them.

The only slight downside with steel doors (and this may be within the eye of the beholder) is that they have a slightly less realistic woodgrain appearance than fiberglass doors. 

Is Aluminum a Smart Material Option?

Aluminum is another option for your new entry door. Similar to steel, aluminum doors are less expensive. They are also exceptionally waterproof and are not prone to rust.

However, aluminum also has its disadvantages. Aluminum doors have little-to-no insulation benefits. Furthermore, although these doors are waterproof, they can easily become stained with water stains and they can also “oxidate” which can appear as a white residue on the door.

The bottom line? Aluminum isn’t the best option for residential homes.

What’s the Story with Wood?

Wood front doors are a traditional choice for nearly any home and you’ll find wood doors on a lot of older New England homes. Wood is a very beautiful material, but unfortunately, it is very high maintenance. If you don’t take proper care of your wood door, it can rot and deteriorate. Wood doors are also not as energy efficient or secure and generally come with shorter warranties.

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Why is Fiberglass the Ultimate Entry Door Material?

When it comes to the best material for front doors, there is simply no better option than fiberglass. Fiberglass is a highly durable material that is resistant to cosmetic blemishes. You won’t have to worry about scratches, dings, dents, or even rust.

Best of all, fiberglass front doors are exceptionally energy efficient. In fact, the leading fiberglass door manufacturer, ProVia, is the only door manufacturer that has ever won Energy Star Partner of the Year for their fiberglass doors.

Homeowners often get the best of both worlds with fiberglass entry doors as they can get a truly realistic woodgrain appearance while also getting the most in security and energy efficiency. There are also numerous style options available when customizing a fiberglass entry door including decorative glass and custom color options.

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